Rice To Israel: "You’re Very Naughty To Build New Settlements" (Pat, Pat)

Condoleezza Rice, reputed to be the American Secretary of State, recently spanked Israel verbally for announcing its intent to add to its construction spate on Palestinian territory by putting up 1,500 new homes in East Jerusalem.

The Lion notes that she didn’t actually do anything. She didn’t actually threaten to do anything. And given past performance by the Americans, neither she nor her government will actually do anything to stop Israel from stealing more land from the Palestinians and running the world’s largest concentration camp in Gaza.

The Americans will continue to funnel money to Israel. The Americans will continue to funnel arms to Israel. The Americans will continue to blame Arabs in Palestine for Israel’s brutal occupation and oppression. And Israel, with American support and sympathy, will continue its policy of building or announcing that it will build more homes in Palestinian territory every time there is a chance of negotiations to settle the conflict.

And the Americans will continue to whine stupid slogans like ‘They hate us for our freedoms’.


They hate us for denying them their freedom.

They hate us for supporting a brutal Israeli theft and occupation and ethnic cleansing of Arab lands.

They hate us for supporting Saddam Hussein, for providing him weapons, chemicals, and money to prop him up in his war against Iran.

They hate us for overthrowing a democratic government in Iran in 1953.

They hate us for propping up the brutal regime of the Shah of Iran for decades. They hate us for SAVAK.

They hate us for turning mercenaries loose in Iraq to kill and rape as they please, without recourse to law.

The hate us for letting Western oil companies steal the oil out from under them before they figured out we were ripping them off.

They hate us for supporting brutal and oppressive regimes like that in Saudi Arabia.

They hate us for shoving an arrogant Christian religion in their faces when they clearly do not want any part of it.

‘They’ have a lot of reasons to hate us, and it is frankly surprising that the blowback hasn’t been more severe around the world. But it is certain that ‘they’ will continue to act against the Americans and their allies as long as the Americans continue their policy of arrogant empire.

As an Iraqi man said on the radio this morning, “We have long memories.”

Americans apparently have a combination of false and malfunctioning memory, and an inability to learn from their huge catalog of mistakes and crimes in the world.


4 Responses

  1. The problem is that the debate about Zionism has been snuffed out of American politics. There is no debate that the Nazi holocaust was an act of genocide in America but America steadfastly refuses to acknowledge the Zionist holocaust, even though over the last 90 years it has affected hundreds of millions and been responsible for far more deaths than the Nazi holocaust was.


  2. Steph and Lion – that was my point in this recent post


  3. @ Evo

    Good post. Where I disagree is that Israel isn’t a democracy, it is capable of defending itself and it exists at the expense of Palestine. So supporting Israel is automatically supporting the ethnic cleansing and genocide of Palestine. Both Israelis and Palestinians are aware that they’ve gone beyond the point of a permanent Two-State solution because of the demographic time bomb. America should be putting pressure on Israel to find a permanent One-State solution with the Palestinians, or at least withdrawing all military support until they do. Apartheid Israel should be treated like apartheid South Africa.


  4. […] that’s not going away, the situation could be cleared up in no time flat. As my friend, Ric, has noted on more than one occasion, Middle Eastern politics are a tangled mess and there’s plenty of […]


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