Lynn Schools Fall Victim To Bush’s No Child Left Behind Iraq Policy

In today’s Globe reporter Kathy McCabe writes that the city of Lynn, Massachusetts will close two elementary schools tomorrow and lay off about a hundred teachers.

The closing of The William R. Fallon Elementary School and Washington Community School will reduce the number of Lynn elementary schools to 16, as the North Shore district struggles to balance higher costs, particularly for health insurance, against limited revenue growth.

“We just don’t have the money,” Mayor Edward J. Clancy Jr. said late yesterday. “We did the best we could to fund our schools.”

The school district needs six to seven million dollars to maintain its current level of operations. Up to 160 jobs in total will be cut.

In the meantime, while local taxes and property taxes rise and services deteriorate, the Republican Bush administration spends ten to twelve billion dollars a week on its senseless and useless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and on maintaining a gulag of prisons where innocent people are routinely abused, tortured, and murdered by American troops and intelligence operatives.

But all is not lost. After all, one of the things George Bush and his military minions and yes-men point with pride to in Iraqistan is that they have managed to refurbish a few schools.

The Lion would note the fervor with which John ‘Bomb-Bomb’ McCain plans to continue the Bush programs. It is a mark of the sclerotic mind that no matter how bad things may be, keeping them bad is better than changing course and losing the votes of the fundogelical right-wing of the Republican party.


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