John McCain…

…the worst and the dimmest.

…seeking fame, he’s so lame.

…John McSame.

…USA down the drain.

…lost his brain, feels no pain.

…the world’s pain.

When your only tool is McCain, the whole world looks like a bomb target.

Muslims, grab your crutches and canes, ’cause here come McCain to double your pain.

…whose brain is cancer.

…Johnny Mac, on the wrong track.

…Bush’s back end.

…your government on drugs.

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6 Responses

  1. Well, that was depressing. Insightful, but depressing.


  2. Made as much (or more) sense as most of his speeches. The man is incoherent, incompetent, and, for all I know, incontinent. Whatever maverickism he ever had has long been sold along with whatever political will he ever had. He sold himself out to the S&L industry and is now selling himself out to the right wing of the Republican party.

    Sorry I couldn’t put this in free verse, but free thinking is just as good.


  3. () –

    Don’t worry, I’ll send you a bill.

    chappie –

    Jeez, I was going for boring and stupid. But I’ll take depressing and insightful.


  4. (((Wife))) already has a bill. Quite happy with it, too.

    “USA Down The Drain . . .”

    I’ll bet dollars to donuts that, thirty years from now, some conservative historians are going to look back at the Bush II misadministration and declare the following:

    1. Bush II was a liberal, or was not conservative enough

    2. Bushes programs (?) would have brought peace, prospertity and plenty if only we stupid Americans had been willing to look past our short-sighted self-interest and elect McCain to follow Bush II.

    3. If Bush II’s policies in Iraq had been followed, Iraq would be a peaceful democracy allied with Israel.

    4. If only we had attacked Iran, peace, plenty and prosperity would have broken out in the Middle East.

    5. If only the Liberal Media(R) hadn’t unmercifully and unjustifiably attacked Bush II and McCain, we would have $1.00 a gallon gasoline, full employment, and no taxes.

    And fuly a third of Americans will believe it.

    If, by some perverted (Deibold (or whatever the hell they are calling themselves this week)) miracle, McCain is elected, this era will be the central chapter in a book titled The Decline And Fall Of The American Empire.

    Nice free verse, though. I agree with Chappie’s take.


  5. () –

    That book may already have been written. It’s called Dark Ages America: The Final Phase of Empire, by Morris Berman. A good read.

    As for conservative historians in thirty years, it is my fond hope that all the conservatives will be dead or locked up by then.


  6. () –

    And BTW, when I hear McCain speak I have that same feeling of revulsion in my gut that I got when I heard Reagan and when I hear the Bushopath. It tells me these people are horridly wrong, that they are full of dark, squirming foulness, and so far it’s been right every time. Works on Falwell, Robertson, Hagee, and Phil Gramm too. The first time I heard any of them say something, I knew what they were.


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