George Bush Learning As He Slaughters And Destroys

George Bush gave a speech at the United States Air Force Academy yesterday, apparently to the cheers of cadets taught to be as moronic and unthinking as the President. If they’d actually been taught to think for themselves they would have booed the addle-brained piece of crap off the stage.

President Bush said yesterday that rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan as the wars rage on is proving difficult and “we’re learning as we go.”

Not only has Bush failed to learn anything, he seems to think war is just a schoolyard thing. He’s responsible for hundreds of thousands, possibly a million, deaths. He’s spent hundreds of billions of dollars, and the final bill will run to several trillion. He’s ruined two countries, with a third, the United States, about to follow them down the rabbit hole of Bush’s so-called legacy. But it’s just a learning experience for this pus-brained moron, this sickening little psychopath who wanted to make a name for himself and didn’t give a fuck how many people he killed to do it, or how much money he wasted.

The president harkened back to the patriotic sacrifice of World War II, the deadliest conflict in history, in again suggesting the country must hold firm and not lose its nerve.

He’s clueless about history too, when he talks about the rebuilding that went on in Europe and Asia after WWII. Those nations surrendered, they had political structures and organizations in place, they agreed to end the wars.

There’s nothing patriotic about the crime the United States has committed in invading Iraq and the continuing debacle in Afghanistan. Nobody has surrendered anything. The United States, at the whim of George Bush, has slaughtered civilians, committed and continues to commit acts of torture and murder of prisoners, most of whom have apparently done nothing but get in the way of idiots in American uniforms, has destroyed infrastructure on a massive scale, and has virtually nothing to show for it but its own wrecked economy and its own dead soldiers brought back under cover of darkness.

And there’s little Georgie, an amoral, brain-damaged, incompetent, pathetic mental case, blithering about terrorism again, undoubtedly hoping to scare people into voting for his clone, John McCain, who promises nothing more than more of Bush’s psychopathy for four, eight, a hundred years.

He said terrorist enemies, using the media and the never-ending news cycle, attack innocent people to weaken American resolve.

“We need to recognize that the only way that America can lose the war on terror is if we defeat ourselves,” Bush said.

This pathetic piece of pond scum hasn’t figured out that the United States lost the so-called war on terror the minute it decided to invade Iraq, an action that created more ‘terrorists’ and has increased the number of terrorist incidents.

The only way the United States can claim any progress in fighting terrorism is to throw that little bastard and his Republican enablers and Conservative puppet-masters out of the White House and into the dock at the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. Only then can the world breathe easier and begin to act rationally in repairing the damage done to the world by that narcissistic, sociopathic drunk, George W. Bush.


6 Responses

  1. “We’re learning as we go.” My kids are learning as they go, too. They didn’t, upon reaching kindergarten, throw out all the books from which they were to learn and start making it up on their own. The reason this adiministration needs to learn on the go is that they brought no knowledge in (save for enriching friends) and refused to learn from those who knew half of what was going on.

    Ignorance is not a sin. Willful ignorance is.


  2. “clueless, sickening, amoral, brain-damaged, incompetent, pathetic mental case, pathetic pond scum, narcissistic, sociopathic” – great adjectives for the leader of the free world, huh?


  3. Linda, we have a lot to be proud of, don’t we? Now – will we stand up and change it?


  4. evo –

    We’ll stand up when they lie down. Or something like that, isn’t it?

    So many slogans, so little time.


  5. If they’d actually been taught to think for themselves they would have booed the addle-brained piece of crap off the stage.

    Love that sentence.


  6. steph –

    Yeah, I was kind of fond of that myself. But then again I love everything I write.


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