Why Is This Woman Still Working For Fox News? Or Anywhere?

Liz Trotta, shown in this video, is the former New York bureau chief of The Washington Times and is a contributor for FOX News Channel.



10 Responses

  1. Because the 28%ers (which includes the advertisers) love it. And it makes money. Why else?


  2. This is the end of the world as we know it.


  3. startnow72 –

    Do I detect a slight note of sarcasm?


  4. Why is it still called Fox “News”? She’s a tool, within a tool.


  5. In GTA IV, their satirical name for Fox News is Weasel News. I find that name much more suitable. Also, I don’t think the game developers had to actually record anything themselves. It all sounds like it was lifted directly from Fox.

    Anyway, I think the Secret Service should have her on 24/7 watch now. Perhaps she should be shipped to Gitmo, just in case. You know, that sort of talk about it being desirable to shoot a possible future President emboldens the enemy, does it not? Need I say more? Welcome to the Caribbean Liz Trotta.


  6. The problem is that she is not going to have Secret Service watching her, and will not be interviewed by them,which would be standard operating procedure for you and I. She was giving a sanctioned talking point by something or someone beyond our grasp. These things come in waves.

    To really understand it though, you have to look past political parties and understand the forces at work. Clinton is in bed with Fox News. That is why they pushed the Wright issue the way they did. It is hard for conservatives to see these things because they believe Hillary and Fox are on two different teams.

    It is not a coincidence that Hillary drops his line several days before Liz Trotta’s faux pas. One day it will all become clear how we have been manipulated by these media outlets, working in concert with the government.

    But until we stop thinking in terms of good guys vs. the bad guys, they will continue to trick us with their shell game.


  7. startnow says:
    … until we stop thinking in terms of good guys vs. the bad guys
    I never think in terms of good guys vs. bad guys because I just don’t see any good guys. I only see bad guys and worse guys.


  8. Ex –

    Gray hats and black hats, eh?


  9. Nah. Black hats and blacker hats.


  10. Ex –

    I think your license as a fashion maven has been revoked…


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