Step Right Up! Buy Your McCain Right Here! Step Right Up, Only $86,200 To Own A Piece Of McCain!

From today’s Globe, in the Campaign Notebook:

From the San Joaquin Valley to Wall Street, John McCain has been headlining high-dollar Republican fund-raisers, including one at a billionaire’s gated home in Stockton, Calif., that asked couples to make donations of $86,200.


For a $2,300 donation to McCain, donors received a lapel pin. But the invitation made clear McCain wanted couples to arrive with checks for as much as $86,200. At other fund-raisers, couples have been encouraged to give $140,000 or more.

In the meantime Senator Obama has been raising money from the people who have been victimized by the Republican machine. You know, working people, poor people, people struggling to put George Bush’s gas in their cars so they can go to work. He’s raised three times as much as McCain, in small donations.

Who do you really want in the White House? A man owned by the rich, the powerful, the wealthy? Or a man owned by the people who actually do make the country work, who have been paying the freight for the rich and the powerful in blood and money?

Do you really think that John McCain, who owns eight houses and a wife worth one hundred million dollars and has no clue about your life, is going to give a damn about you and your problems when he has all those rich people he wants to keep happy?


3 Responses

  1. Hey that cover picture is cool and all but are those glasses that you are wearing rose-colored? Becasue that would explain that Oprah Winfrey Obama description that you just wrote. Did you even proof-read that crap? Obama’s ivy-league ass for the poor people are you for real? All Obama and his Oprah wanna-be wife Michell are for is themselves. He owns nothing everything in his campaign he stole from either living or dead politician’s campaigns before him. He is a hand puppet of first Oprah Winfrey and now Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi. Change…yeah he got that part right; his political platform changes with each passing day as well as each passing stump. He is a joke that the blue-collar worker will not support. They will vote Republican first.


  2. vicki –

    I’m in such a bad mood today that I’m not even going to delete your ludicrous, empty post. Just going to leave it twisting slowly in the wind.

    BTW, you might want to consider proofreading your own crap before putting it out in public.


  3. Lets see. Millionaires son gets into Yale because Daddy went there (and contributesl lots of money), bankrupts businesses and gets bailed out (by people who later get lots of favours from two Bushes), and gives up golf so he can share sacrifice with the troops: a regular down to earth guy you want to have a beer with. An admirial’s son raised on government health care (but its too good for the rest of us), who fucks up his navy career so bad that, even though he is lauded as a hero, he gets the boot, and left his terminally ill wife to hook up with an heiress: a man in touch with the commoner. While lower middle class African American who earns his way to an Ivy League school and manages to get moderately rich (you know, the American dream?), speaks more eloquently and with more substance than any Presidential candidate in the last twenty years, and actually understands how hard it can be for a middle class family is an elitist hand puppet? Where the hell have you been, Vicki Hampton, for the last seven years?


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