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McCain’s Medical Records…

Johnny Boy took a page from the Bush Book of Press Obfuscation when he ‘released’ his medical records. Three hours locked in a room, hand selected reporters, no copying, eleven hundred some-odd pages of medical records. On a Friday.

Want to control the news much John? Looking to be a Bush clone, John? Lusting to give the country eight more years of lies and deceit and manipulations and cover-ups, torture and war, economic destruction? Can’t wait, can you, you sick slug.

Of course the press, whores as always, went along. What they should have done was demand a genuine release – no limits on time or copy or access – and if they didn’t get it then their stories could have asked, “What’s John McCain hiding?”

But what’s really needed is a psychiatric examination of McCain, with full public access.

Hillary The Ninja Assassin…

The latest mention of Bobby Kennedy’s assassination wasn’t the first time Hillary’s brought it up. She seems to have a fascination for flying bullets, given her lie about her Bosnia trip. Anyway, according to Olbermann this was the fourth mention of Kennedy’s murder.

No matter how she spins it or apologizes for it, it sure does sound like she’s at least implying that things happen in June, including assassinations, and that she could benefit from Junish events and become the nominee.

Given her record of lies and manipulations, and now this, she should get out of the race now. She couldn’t be trusted before, and she shouldn’t be trusted now.

And who the hell wants eight years of continual vendetta between the Clintons and the morons in the Republican party? Been there, done that, and it’s not good for the country.

McCain’s Judgment And Experience…

McCain keeps saying that Senator Obama has poor judgment and lacks the experience be a successful president.

McCain’s judgment led him to allow powerful lobbyists to run his campaign. He had no idea people would find that to be poor judgment. Apparently he thought it was okay. But when called on it, he … dare we say it … flip-flopped and dumped some of them. So he not only demonstrated poor initial judgment, but he also demonstrates a complete lack of conviction in his judgment.

Same thing with the Twin Pastors of Evil, Hagee and Parsley. McCain crawled on his knees to these toads for their endorsement. Their views were no secret. It wouldn’t have taken much investigation to dig up the bigotry and hatred they spewed out every week. For McCain to claim he didn’t know is not credible. But, yup, he dumped them too. Bad judgment to start, and no conviction in his judgment at the end.

And experience? The man is so steeped in experience that he refuses to see that the policies the country has followed in the Middle East and in Cuba and in South America and in, oh, hell, pretty much everywhere, haven’t worked, have in fact been utterly counterproductive in just about every way imaginable. But he wants to keep on doing the same things, over and over. [See earlier comment about a psychiatric examination.]

But, damn, can that man pander? He’s one of the greatest political panderers this country has ever seen.

The only time you hear straight talk from him is when he farts. Farts don’t lie.

Cindy McCain’s Tax Returns Released…

Well, no, not exactly.

She released the first two pages, the summary pages, of her 2006 return. Or, rather, her husband’s campaign released them. 

But the headlines say she released her tax returns.

That’s the Republican way. That’s the rich peoples’ way. That’s the McCain way.

So, what’s Cindy McCain hiding?

And how long did her husband have to yell and scream at her to get her to go along? Did he call her a cunt in private, the way he did in public?

Won’t they make a delightful America’s First Couple?


8 Responses

  1. What Hillary has said is absolutely outrageous, she’s not only suggested that she would accept the nomination if Obama was assassinated, she’s actually expressing it as part central to her campaign strategy. That an implicit incitement to commit murder for God sake. And with Teddy Kennedy’s cancer, it’s even more appalling.

    I’m amazed that she hasn’t been forced to drop out and isn’t facing expulsion from the Democratic party. All the super delegates who have pledged to vote for her, really ought to wake up, just imagine if Obama was assassinated, after she’s said this!

    Supporting Hillary isn’t an endorsement of what she said but when she implicitly encouraging her supporters to assassinate Obama, keeping her in the race makes that a lot more likely.

    Obama would be a fool to have her as his VP.


  2. Look for a feminist uprising in Denver. Someone will be motioning that Hill should be VP.
    Also the McCains are under a pre nup . What is hers is hers and strictly speaking she shouldn’t have to turn over tax forms.


  3. From a media standpoint, if you wanted to tell the media anything, and trust that the public will probably be too preoccupied with the holiday to notice it, this is the best weekend to release information “for the public consumption”.

    Notice that it’s McCain who released his medical info, and a tease of his wife’s income, both items the press has been asking for quite some time.


  4. McCain has always had judgement problems. My (admittedly limited) understanding of his Naval career would tend to explain why he was not promoted (especially as an admiral’s son) — destroying aircraft, buzzing a known AAA emplacement. It does explain why the Navy quietly ditched him after his POW stay: I think McCain as an admiral gave them second thoughts. The whole S&L scandal is another perfect example of bad judgement. How could he think that getting paid for doing favours (while sitting in congress) was a good idea?

    His statements during the campaign just reinforce my view. I have a mental image of a ‘war room’ in the McCain campaign in which four or five white men sit around and wait for the next stupid statement (negotiating is treason, the homeowners losing their houses deserve it but bail out the lenders, etc.) and immediately mobilize the mouthpieces to try to make his bizarre views mainstream. The judgement lapses are accellerating and some form of dementia seems as good an explanation as any.


  5. A McCain presidency would be a disaster, especially coming as it would right on the heels of W.’s two disgusting terms. The man is a huckster with execrable judgment and sleazy ethics (if one credits him with having any ethics at all).


  6. chappie –

    Why are you being so polite?


  7. () –

    Demented political systems produce demented politicians, who produce demented political systems. Then all go BOOM!

    By the way, your family owes the Feds about $500,000 to pay for George Bush’s activities these last execrable, sleazy eight years.


  8. steph –

    Hillary as VP? Reminiscent of the Borgias in Florence and the Emperors in Rome, no? Thugs, intriguers, and poisoners ruling the world. Ah, the good old days.


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