McCain Speaks For Himself. The Real Straight Talker.




6 Responses

  1. How dare you! How dare you demean a great American hero! How dare anyone demean him by actually remembering what he said! This just shows the mendacity of the liberal news! What would happen if a Democrat candidate made a mistatement? It would never, ever, ever be mentioned because the . . . the . . . .

    Sorry. I try to think in that mode and, well, there just ain’t that much scotch in my house. Too bad those juxtaposed phrases won’t be used in anti-McSame commercials. If they were, the networks would, most likely, refuse to air them for some bizarre reason.


  2. I believe there’s already been one commercial out there in mediaworld that ran some of these comparisons. Can’t remember who did it – maybe the Democratic National Committee.

    Do it right, do it often, and this bozo will come off looking like the bozo he really is. A dangerous bozo at that. He’ll have ‘advisors’ who will play him like a fiddle.

    I can’t offer Scotch (can’t afford it) but how about some nice brandy or vermouth?


  3. That site is great, isn’t it? There’s other great stuff there as well, but this clip really says enough.


  4. Come back Ric Lion.


  5. QB –

    Growl! Snarl! I haven’t gone away, just slowed down some.



  6. Like Philly, I’m a big fan of Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Films. This was good. I made a suggestion to them that they do something similar but even more lengthy. There are so many McBush flipflops.

    The other angle to hit repeatedly on him is the way he has roped himself to all of the Bush/Cheney “philosophies” (god it’s hard to use that word with them, but I guess it IS a philosophy). Anyway, most Americans who are thinking about voting for McCain absolutely despise Bush! It makes no sense but we have to educate them.


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