Keith Olbermann Rocks Bush’s World!

Well, okay, it’s a given that George Bush doesn’t give a damn what Keith Olbermann says about him. Psychopaths are like that.

But Olbermann’s Special Comment on last night’s Countdown broadcast was Olbermann at his finest, spewing reasoned outrage about Bush’s sickening… oh for chrissake, just go spend the ten minutes watching it. He nails it.

Be advised there’s a ten second commercial lead-in.


11 Responses

  1. Beutiful, wasn’t it? “Shut The Hell Up!”


  2. I clapped and laughed. It was marvelous.

    He’s almost as good as I am at this stuff… šŸ™‚


  3. In protest, I think all anti-Bushies should start playing golf.


  4. Ex, you can afford golf? I’m impressed.

    I’m a petanque guy myself.


  5. Wow. That may be Olbermann’s best special comment ever.


  6. Maybe someday Olberman will stop beating around the bush (pun not intially intended) and actually say, straight out, what he means?

    Ric: I prefer Bocce — bigger and lighter balls.


  7. Yeah, but petanque balls pack more power. šŸ™‚


  8. Bush speaks slow and honestly. Olbermann speaks fast and dishonestly. Olbermann has three things on Bush, one the gift of a very fast tongue, two a very refined command of the English language and three absolutely no-one to hold him accountable for the way he twist the hell out of everything that comes out of his hateful mouth. What does Bush have on Olbermann? Integrity and the fact that he has no idea who the hell Olbermann is except just another American that he works tirelessly to serve.


  9. odoakridge –

    Apparently you like Bush because he speaks slowly enough for you to understand. And yet you remain clueless. Amazing!


  10. olbermann is a hypocrite


    • Thanks for that informative comment. It just says everything about you that anyone would want to know.


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