The Lion Breaks The 20K Barrier

Well, almost.

Sometime today Grumpy Lion should, with the help of a British battle royal over Winston Churchill‘s courage or lack thereof, reach the magic 20,000 hit mark.

Congratulations are in order. Therefore, congratulations, Lion!

Celebratory presents of cat food and money may be sent.

Thank you very much.

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3 Responses

  1. Do you still like raw meat? I may be able to get you some Christians to ummm…celebrate with. (mental image of my cat toying with a mouse he caught)


  2. As I always say, it’s too bad the Romans ran out of lions. [Not really germane, but I just felt like saying it again.]

    Don’t send Christians. The ones worth … celebrating … with bore me to tears and I’d likely get indigestion by, um, celebrating too fast.

    Money is good though. It’s tasty, it has fiber, it makes pleasant noises, and is interesting to sleep on. Not unlike young women, if I remember correctly, except that one has to remove the fibers first.


  3. I hope you don’t mind that no money, cat food or Christians will be forthcoming from this quarter. Please accept, in their place, my words of congratulations, which are worth at least as much as any sounds uttered by our current president and veep, and certainly more sincere.



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