Cheney, Senators Working For Al-Qaeda Aims, Says Retired United States General

From Common Dreams, a must read. Here’s a quote from the middle of the story, which reports on General Odom’s testimony April 2 before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee:

Then [Lt. General (ret.) William E.] Odom let fly a real bomb. “As an aside,” he told the committee, in a statement that you won’t read in your daily paper or hear on the TV news, “it gives me pause to learn that our vice president and some members of the Senate are aligned with al Qaeda on spreading the war to Iran.”

He destroys the credibility of the surge, and of Petraeus, and those who advocate for ‘staying the course’ rather than withdrawing from Iraq.


4 Responses

  1. Glad you are feeling better! BTW, I think my cat, Iris (known to give occasional TLC) must be hanging around with the “dog” too much 🙂 and letting some bad habits rub off on her!


  2. Shit. I thought they were working for KBR, Halliburton, Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, Boeing, McDonnell-Douglas (or whatever the hell they are now (they merge faster then college kids)), etc. Of course, if they are working for Al-Qa’ida, then that does put more money in the pot for the defense and energy companies. So does that mean that Al-Qa’ida works for Halliburton?


  3. No. It means Halliburton works for Al-Qaeda.


  4. Fantastic find Ric, I’ve posted his entire speech. I completely agree with his assessment. Actually last year, the former CO of the SAS, General Sir Michael Rose (ret.) said something similar:

    “Of course we have to admit defeat. The British admitted defeat in North America and the catastrophes that were predicted at the time never happened. The catastrophes that were predicted after Vietnam never happened. The same thing will occur after we leave Iraq.”


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