The Lion Is Down! The Lion Is Down! Oh The Humanity!

It’s somewhat disconcerting when some process in your body decides to go whack-a-doo and bring down the whole system.

That was some part of my thinking as I watched my house get smaller through the back window of the ambulance this morning. The other parts of my thinking included “Shit, this is it!” and “Oh shit this is really it!” and “Who’s gonna take care of my frigging cats?” and “Why am I doing this alone?” There was another part wondering who was the madman driving the ambulance.

The upshot was a day in the emergency room getting poked, questioned, stuck with sharp things, x-rayed, and scanned.

The result was “We dunno, but it ain’t the big things.” Okay, it was said a little more technically than that, but that’s what it was.

So, I’m home, I’m exhausted, I’m a little pissed off, and probably won’t even think of the blog for a couple of days.

Nor am I sure what I think right now. I’m not dead. My cats are fed. My life goes on, for some finite amount of time.

Now what?

(That still small voice we’ve all heard so much about says “You should have grabbed the blonde over there, dumbass,” but I think I’m looking for something a little more noble from that voice. Although…)

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6 Responses

  1. Sounds frightening. My sister-in-law has been having episodes which are temorarily debilitating, but so far (over a year), still no answer. I sincerely hope that either it was a one-time occurence, or, if it is something ongoing, that it is an easy fix. May your finite time be really, really long (but not so long it gets, you know, boring). Good luck.



  2. Ric (aka Grumpy Lion)

    I’m sorry to hear about your recent “whack-a-doo” incident. I’m glad you are back home and it was nothing major. Maybe my phone call stemmed from a premonition of sorts? I do think the cats need to give you some TLC.



  3. Oh shit.


  4. The Lion lives… Feeling wasted much of the time, but improved. Not feeling much like snarling just yet though.

    () –

    What’s wrong with boring? Boring is good. If you’re bored, you’re still alive. Hell, who wants to be excited but dead? Aside from fundogelicals and such.

    pattie –

    Cats are way to egotistical to give TLC.

    heather –

    Well said, well said! 🙂


  5. With that caption, all I could think of was the Coliseum, Rome, gladiators, and the Christians. I was so sure the Christians got you. It’s the lions who are supposed to win, god dammit.

    Glad to hear it was a false alarm, but then I got to thinking, will we know when it’s not? Will you be able to come back and tell us about it? You need to teach those cats to type, Ric. Something rudimentary, like “Help. My fud bole’s mpty” (Spelling is optional.)


  6. Apparently not out of the woods yet. Today is turning out to be … difficult.

    The cats are not being helpful. So much for giving them my computer passwords.


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