Hilary Rodham Clinton, Pr… Pre… Pres…

Much has been written about Mrs. Clinton. Much has been said about Mrs. Clinton. Much of it is not true. She really didn’t kill Vince Foster.

The Lion admits that Mrs. Clinton hasn’t been on his radar, at least not prominently, since well before her run for the Presidency. She was the senator from New York. She was Bill Clinton’s wife. She was a smart broad succeeding in the rough world of essentially male politics. Good for her!

And then there she was running for President of the United States. All she had to do to get into the final was beat a skinny Midwestern black man who actually seemed to be honest and knowledgeable about the real world and determined to bring about a sea change in American politics.

Two tough campaigns by two tough campaigners slugging it out.

Until it got dirty, and it was the Clinton camp slinging the dirt as their money ran down and the numbers ran against them. But this is America. We’re used to that. We’re actually idiot enough to think that it’s okay to throw dirt and twist things into falsehoods about the opponent.

Still and all, eventually one of these two would be the Democratic nominee, and The Lion would vote for that person, Obama being the preferred candidate, more so as the Clinton camp upped the weight of the mud they were throwing. But, still and all…

And then Mrs. Clinton lied about Bosnia. And other lies came out. Chelsea at the Towers on 9/11. The Irish peace negotiations. Other bits and pieces. Not just exaggerations, not just a coat of makeup, but flat out lies.

Some of these things are subject to interpretation, of course. But the big one, Bosnia, that’s on tape. No bullets. No ducking. No running for cover. Not even close. No one in those images looks even slightly concerned. No question. She lied. Several times.

The Balkans were a miserable, misbegotten, deadly place, a hell for civilians. And Hillary Clinton lied about it to make herself look… Presidential.

Instead she looks like a cheap lying hussy who is so hungry for power that she will walk over the bones of the dead to get into the White House. She’s shown that she understands nothing of what similar people have put this country, and the world, through for the last eight years.

She cannot be trusted, not after having lied so gravely, so profoundly, not after washing her campaign in the blood of dead Bosnians, not after trivializing that brutal war.

The Lion once thought he would simply vote for whoever the Democratic nominee was. Not so. He won’t vote for the equally mendacious McCain, but neither will he vote for Hillary Clinton should she succeed in wresting the nomination from the convention.

We’ve had enough lies and deceit and all the foul filth of death and destruction and dishonor that comes with them, physically, emotionally, and morally. The lesser of two evils is still evil. It’s time we fight for something better in this country, and Hillary Clinton is not that something.

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4 Responses

  1. Great article Ric.

    She makes a lot out of being feminist but she wouldn’t be running for president if she wasn’t married to Bill, she wouldn’t have even become a Senator, she was an unremarkable women, whose own presidential experience is being married to one. Her campaign message is effectively: a woman can hold the most powerful office in the world… if she fucks the right man.

    I think the biggest issue for her internationally is Northern Ireland, she has lost credibility in Europe over that because she had no role in it; her husband had no role in it; Tony Blair’s role was very marginal; and the real architects of the peace process Martin McGuinness, Denis Bradley and Robert McLarnon started the peace talks in 1985 after the 1984 Brighton bombing, through channels established during negotiations between the British government and the IRA during the 1981 hunger strikes in the Maze.

    Hillary Clinton didn’t visit Ireland until 1995 – the first ceasefire was declared in August 1994 – but neither of the Clintons had anything to do with the peace process until the 1997 ceasefire was declared and the British government officially opened talks with the IRA.


  2. I’m really kind of sorry to do this. There are a lot of otherwise very decent people who wanted Hillary to win, but are now becoming as offensive in their continued support as she is in continuing attacks on Obama (while McCain sits back and grins).

    A recent poll showed that some Hillary supporters and some Obama supporters will not support the other if nominated. I guess this is normal and sometimes there is a good reason for this. I think the Lion has made such a case here.

    But there are about 50% more Hillary supporters who make this claim than Obama supporters! Excuse me? What the FUCK exactly has Obama done that would warrant you leaving the Democratic Party? This isn’t his scorched earth campaign that’s tearing the party apart. It’s hers. Shame on you all.


  3. Just to clarify Evo’s comment, the people he mentions in that poll stated that they would vote for McCain rather than their Democratic opponent. The results comprise 28% of Clinton supporters and 19% of Obama supporters.

    For my part, I would never vote for McCain, or for any other Republican. They have supported and enabled the most criminal and vicious and anti-American administration in the history of the country.

    But I am simply no longer willing to settle for a candidate who has acted as Mrs. Clinton has. If she is nominated I won’t enter a vote for President, but I will vote for the rest of the Democratic ticket.


  4. steph –

    Good comment! And thanks for the details on the Irish matter.


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