Little Bits o’ News

From the AP wire in today’s Globe, in a story about food prices rising around the world:

Eugene Thermilon, 30, a Haitian day laborer, can no longer afford pasta to feed his wife and four children since the price nearly doubled to 57 cents a bag. Their only meal on a recent day was two cans of corn grits.

Fifty-seven cents. What did you eat today?


From the New York Times wire in today’s Globe, at the end of a story on the militias battling the so-called government of Nouri al-Maliki and the United States:

“Unfortunately we were expecting one thing but we saw something else,” said Ali Hussam, 48, a teacher, who said that after Saddam Hussein’s fall the people of Basra hoped for peace. “But unfortunately with the presence of this new government and this democracy that was brought to us by the invader, it made us kill each other.

“And the war is now between us,” he said.

Does anyone think George Bush can hear this through the thunder of his delusions?


From the Los Angeles Times in today’s Globe, a story about the resurgent cocaine industry in Peru:   

Peru’s cocaine industry, the world’s largest and most violent in the late 1980s and early ’90s, is on the upswing again. Plots of coca bushes, whose leaves yield cocaine, have increased by about one-third since 1999, according to Peruvian and United Nations estimates.


The (President Alan) Garcia administration initially agreed to suspend eradication efforts, a mainstay of the US-backed antidrug policy. But Garcia later reversed course and even suggested that clandestine laboratories be raided and bombed. With US aid of about $50 million a year, Peru has trained hundreds of antidrug police officers. “If we don’t kill the danger now,” Garcia said, Peru could be confronted with a large insurgency.

Can we have some applause now for the United States Government’s amazing so-called war on drugs and for all those hopped up steroid-using cops whose biggest thrill in life is busting some poor sonofabitch for having a joint in his car?


3 Responses

  1. The first and third ones point to consumer demand.It is also sad that the bio fuels people are causing hungry people to grow hungrier.The latter also point to Operation Colombia and even Venezuela is bombing airfields that are involved in cocaine transit so the ‘caine goes south.


  2. For some reason, that no one can seem to figure, Bush has forced the Iraqi government, Parliament, president and vice presidents to reverse the de-baathification policy that America introduced. This allows former members of the Republican guard to stand for office. I bet Bush thinks that “Republicans” have been banned from holding office.


  3. Ah, so that explains it! 🙂


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