Democrats Throwing Away The Election To Bloody Each Other

The Democrats are destroying their chance to uproot the Republican disaster that’s running and ruining the country.

The Clintons (the battle isn’t just Hilary Clinton; it is, as usual, The Clintons) are letting their unbridled lust for power drive a bloody wedge into the party. It should be obvious by now that The Clintons will do anything, no matter how despicable, to get back into the White House.

Hilary Clinton has been caught too many times now in lies and distortions and misrepresentations. She seems to have a decided preference for John McCain as a better man than Barack Obama, despite McCain’s record of corruption, mental failures, love of failed conservative policies, and desire to kiss Bush’s armpits. image

And while Clinton and Obama savage each other over the ridiculous and the ludicrous, McCain just trots along with a free pass from the same press and media that got us into Iraq and that failed to question boneheaded economic policies. They will just continue to ignore the arrogance, the ignorance, the lust for war as a first resort, and the failure to understand virtually anything outside a narrow military mindset. They will pimp McCain from now until the election.

Barack Obama, while not without his faults, is the only candidate with any vision that rises above the petty nonsense that is defining the primary campaigns. But if he keeps getting in the gutter to slug it out with The Clintons, there’s an excellent chance the Democrats will lose the election.

Consider the view from outside. The Democratic candidates are clawing at each other, bloodying each other, while the country sinks deeper into the foul morass Bush has wrought at home and abroad. People look at this so-called battle and ask themselves how can Democrats govern when they can’t even keep their party together.

Democratic apologists will say such a battle is good for the party, that it makes stronger candidates, and that when the convention comes, everybody will kiss and make up. They’re wrong.

The Democratic party right now looks like the family of louts and ignoramuses who live at the end of the street in the house that looks to be falling down, in which people are always fighting and screaming, where somebody is always drunk, and to which the police make regular visits and come away shaking their heads. The neighbors are fed up, and they are not a little frightened by these people and want them out of the neighborhood.

People are looking for some certainty, some answers, some end to their anxiety and fear, and they aren’t seeing any of what they want coming from the Democrats. They do see grandfatherly old McCain offering certitude, and they don’t see much, if any, questioning or doubt in the media about him. People will vote what they feel, and what they feel from the Democrats is chaos, anger, uncertainty, doubt. What they feel from McCain is calmness and certainty.

Without a change, soon, McCain will win the general election. And he may well return Republican majorities in the Senate and the House, presaging a catastrophe in American politics and quite possibly the end of American representative democracy. He will continue the incompetent and corrupt, financially and politically and ethically, practices of the Bush government. And the war will go on and on, with no end in sight, no hope in sight, with nothing more than an endless plain covered with the bodies of the innocent dead.

Since The Clintons won’t withdraw from the race, despite their slim chance of winning the nomination, perhaps it’s time for Obama to change tactics, to change strategy. Perhaps it’s time for him to act as if he is the nominee, to ignore, for the most part, the slash-and-burn actions of The Clintons, and to start attacking the Republicans and John McCain. He should keep fighting for primary delegates, to be sure, but he should fight for them by attacking the real enemy, Bush, McCain, and the Republicans. He should let The Clintons sink of their own weight into the gutter of their own making.


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  1. “Perhaps it’s time for him to act as if he is the nominee, to ignore, for the most part, the slash-and-burn actions of The Clintons, and to start attacking the Republicans and John McCain. He should keep fighting for primary delegates, to be sure, but he should fight for them by attacking the real enemy, Bush, McCain, and the Republicans. He should let The Clintons sink of their own weight into the gutter of their own making.”

    You’re probably correct. I didn’t want the Democratic primary to become a premature coronation, but this infighting is getting tiresome.

    This coming election should belong to the Dems, lock, stock & barrel: decisive control of the House and Senate, and the White House. Their inability to get anything done in the past two years may really sour people on them, and continued hissing, spitting and clawing coming from the candidates will not make Dems look any better. I really hope they don’t blow this thing, but they are such indisputable world champs at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory that I won’t believe anything until all the votes have been counted.


  2. Hate to say it, but either all the votes won’t be counted, or more votes than were cast will be counted.


  3. With Obama I’m torn between what I think he needs to do to win and loving everything he’s been doing so far and wanting that to win. His big speech in Philly is a great example. Can you act calmly, speak intelligently and respectfully and expect others to be calm, respectful and intelligent? That would be nice. The “Audacity of Hope”, imo, is Obama’s hope that most people aren’t irrational ignoramuses. My hope is he’s right. We’ll see.

    Hillary is clearly a power hungry bitch. That sniper fire bullshit story is yet another example. She was traveling with Sheryl Crowe and Sinbad! How important could that trip have been anyway? Sinbad said the only danger he felt was in wondering where he was going to get to eat next.


  4. Don’t fall off your chair Ric…I agree with your last part there (as highlighted by the Chaplain) He should go on a general election themed attack. His oratory skills would click,the base would get erect and undoubtedly something would get said on the Right that would rapidly dilute the scrutiny he is currently under.


  5. philly –

    I just picked up a book called ‘The Age of American Unreason’ by Susan Jacoby. Don’t know when I’ll get around to reading it, but here’s a blurb from the cover: “Jacoby has written a brilliant, sad story of the anti-intellectualism and lack of reasonable thought that has put this country in one of the sorriest states in its history.” -Helen Thomas

    fray –

    Thanks for the warning. I didn’t fall out of the chair, but I did gasp slightly. 🙂 I do really think it’s essential he start taking on McCain and the Republicans now, else McCain is going to just go around looking and acting Presidential for the next several months, allowing people to think of him that way and creating in effect a fait accompli. That’s what his recent trip was about, I’m certain.


  6. I’ve finally broken down and ordered that book, too. I just keep hearing of it everywhere.


  7. Ric, I think you’re right, ignoring Clinton and going on the attack against McCain makes sense, especially considering the campaign funding rules. Also if he keeps attacking McCain and loses to Clinton trough the super delegates, even if he has more of te popular vote, he should run anyway. Maybe he could choose Huckabee as running mate to shore up some of the Conservative vote. He won’t win but does that matter?


  8. If the superdelegates overturn the elected delegates the party is likely to come apart. I think that act would guarantee a Republican win.

    I think you’re suggesting a third party run for him, right? He might do very well, but the split Dem vote also guarantees a McCain win. An outside parlay would have him coming back in 2012 with possibly a viable third party and a crumbled Dem party. Might work.

    I don’t see Huckabee in the mix with Obama. Huckabee’s a hard core evangelical and a hard right political. That would undercut Obama’s perceived message and vision, I think.

    It’s also looking more and more like he could ignore Clinton now, or soon, as she seems intent on cutting her own throat as she digs herself deeper into a hole she can’t dig out of.


  9. @ Ric

    What I mean is that if he is robbed, he should stand as an independent. Hillary isn’t likely to win (Republicans can’t stand her and can Democrats really stomach any more of the Bush-Clinton dynasty?) so there’s no reason to worry about upsetting her apple cart.

    He is doing well amongst Democratic voters but not very well with longstanding members of the Democratic party, if they select Clinton does the party deserve voters’ support?

    btw, I’ve been having problems connecting to your blog today and yesterday.


  10. Steph –

    It’s too late, I’m pretty certain, for Obama to set up a run as an independent, legally speaking, although he might be able to use the Green Party organization. I think they’re registered in all fifty states. And if this goes to the convention, there definitely won’t be enough time to set up an independent run in every state. As I understand it, that sort of thing is easier to manage in England. Here the two parties have locked up the wheels and gears of the legal system insofar as starting third parties or running as an independent.

    If Obama runs as an independent, the Republicans will win. I don’t foresee any vast surge of Dems away from Clinton in that case. The vote will split. McCain wins. World goes to hell in a handbasket (what does that mean??)

    As for supporting Clinton, I’ve always said that I’d vote for whoever the Dems put up, because the alternative is unthinkable. Okay, it’s thinkable, but it’s disgusting and dangerous. I don’t like her, I don’t trust her, and if she gets in we’ll see four or eight more years of Clinton-Republican battles that will cripple the government – unless the Dems produce big majorities in Congress and get some smarter people up there, some tougher people (Shumer’s idiotic support of Mukasey comes to mind in terms of needing tougher people who will fight the Reps tooth and nail).


  11. Ok, I agree with everything said here. Now, how do we get these comments to Obama? How do we get him to hear this wisdom, so he gets up off his …. and goes off and slays himself some dragons????? I am getting sick of hearing Hillary’s voice–and I was *for* Hillary just a few months ago. But I am very disgusted with her poison, and her lies, and her husband’s cheap shots. AAAARRGH!!! I just want to scream & bang my head against the wall….
    As far as Obama’s running as an independent is concerned, as Ric said, I think it’s too late for that. Or maybe it’s too early. I don’t see an Independent winning any national elections in the near future.


  12. diana –

    I sent a shortened version of the post to his website, to the address for comments and suggestions (which I don’t have handy, but it’s on his site somewhere).

    All I’ve gotten back are two requests for money.


  13. Philly said The “Audacity of Hope”, imo, is Obama’s hope that most people aren’t irrational ignoramuses. My hope is he’s right. We’ll see.

    Why Philly, you are sounding rationally hopeful… I like it.

    Ric, I just wrote a lengthy comment somewhere else about the most recent Hillary campaign bullshit – calling Richardson a “Judas” for endorsing Obama. Basically, she’s playing the fear card. She wants every other Dem party official to think twice before supporting him, with the fear that they become a pariah in the Clintonian World.


  14. Well, damn, I would be honored to be a pariah in the Clintonian world. After all, they’ve become pariahs in mine. Seems fair to return the favor.

    If Richardson is a Judas, what’s she? Christ? Get out the nails, warm up the hammers, there’s gonna be a party tonight! Woo!


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