The Spitzer Spritzer: Where’s The Outrage?

According to the smug and/or shocked faces on the news, Eliot Spitzer, reputed to be the temporary Governor of the State of New York, paid over four grand to bang a whore in Washington, DC.

Normally this would cause no consternation in the nation. A politician doing a hooker is pretty much a whore doing a whore.  No gain, no loss.

Unfortunately Spitzer made his reputation as an effective prosecutor of the corporate big boys on Wall Street, whose lives are devoted to doing anything for a buck, and proclaimed himself as Mr. Clean, morally speaking.

And as everyone knows, Mr. Clean, the bald guy on the cleaning fluid bottle, everyone knows, just from looking at the dude, that he’s a virgin.

Discovering that Mr. Clean dipped his wick into a professional sex worker? Priceless. A prize for his political enemies. A problem for his allies and his political party.

And of course shock and outrage rules the news.

The Lion offers a little perspective.

Mr. Spitzer banged a hooker. Paid too much, most likely. The moralists, none of whom would likely object to getting a blow job while they preach from the pulpit, are just oh so outraged. One would think the Governor raped the poor girl.

In the meantime, the party of outrage and high morals, whose high priest daily stains the White House, continues with its rape of the Constitution, its rape of Iraq and Afghanistan, its torture and murder of prisoners of war, its destruction of the American economy, its corruption and rape of the the Justice Department and the justice system, and other high  crimes and misdemeanors. But the outrage does not even approach a whisper of what the country will hear about Eliot screwing a very expensive whore.

The Lion notes that the people of the United States cannot be said to have their political priorities in good order. Most likely a goodly percentage of them are merely wondering what it must be like to spend an evening with a thousand dollar an hour whore. That hardly leaves room to wonder about freedom, liberty, and justice.

On the other hand, due to Republican mismanagement and purposeful incompetence, a goodly percentage of Americans are wondering how they’re going to pay their heating bill, their gasoline bill, and put food on the table, food which they hope won’t poison them or their kids.

But never mind all that. The pundits and the news machines say Eliot Spitzer’s hypocritical dick in a hooker’s mouth is vastly more important.

Who are we to argue with that profound choice?


8 Responses

  1. I’ve been trying to figure out what a $4,300 lay from a hooker would look like. Once while dining alone in Las Vegas, a stunning young professional woman offered to do anything I wanted for $400. (No, I didn’t partake.)

    So what it the hell comes with a $4,300 screw, I wonder?

    It staggers the imagination.


  2. So what the hell comes with a $4,300 screw, I wonder?

    Champagne, one would hope.


  3. Are not the legal beagles or eagles really more angry that 1. he broke a number of laws. 2. some of those laws are the money laundering thing. As for the “outrage” isn’t that as much a media whore thing ? I imagine you and I have differing opinions on which way the media tilts but perhaps we could agree that ultimately they lean towards $$$$$!!!!! They know they can sell some shampoo,Viagra and salsbury steak dinners with the Spritzer story.


  4. Well just spritz me with some Viagra, baby! Whooooeee!

    No question Spitzer broke laws of some sort or other, at least from what I’ve seen, but had he broken some laws not involving spending money on hookers, I doubt we’d be seeing the prurient interest of the newsies and the level of so-called outrage. It would have been a cut and dried legal case and not held much interest for the public, hence for the ratings. The public generally has neither the interest nor the intellect for a genuine legal case, unless it’s celebrity driven or sex driven or a media hyped murder. That the Vitter case didn’t get a quarter the attention the Spitzer case is getting and will get tells us something about the press these days.

    No question money is driving the news these days. The more money, the more sleaze makes it to the top of the news pile.


  5. The girl was very well paid for her pussy and there are lots of girls who sleep with their bosses for a promotion or a big bonus, which would be worth more than $4,300, so what he did was hardly shocking. Perhaps it shouldn’t be a crime at all.


  6. Why else would anyone in their right mind get into politics if it is not to take advantage of their power? Duh. Common sense dictates that if you are a Dem you are, of course, going to bang hot female Hooks. And why not? You are THE GOV of a MAJOR state or at least hold some sort of power, why would you NOT take advantage of it?

    If you happen to be part of the G.O.P. then you pretty much only bang male hooks.

    Paul Vato
    (Yes, a Mexican Republican, so deal with it.)


  7. Vato –

    What’s to deal with? I don’t care. Mexican. Republican. Mexican Republican. Mexirep. Repubamex. Thanks for the comment. 🙂


  8. So what the hell comes with a $4,300 screw, I wonder?

    You, one would hope.

    To me it seems the outrage is more over the price than the act or the hypocrisy. We Americans like good value for our money.


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