Mike Barnicle Not Too Bright On Eliot Spitzer

A little while ago on MSNBC, or possibly CNN (except for Olbermann and Cafferty they look pretty much alike) Mike Barnicle, reputed to be a pundit of some kind, breathlessly exclaimed that all over the country people were looking at the Spitzer hooker flap and immediately thinking ‘Clinton-Lewinsky’.

The Lion is ashamed, ashamed he tells you, to admit that he did not think about Clinton or Lewinsky until Barnicle said that The Lion must have thought that, since The Lion is part of ‘everyone in the country’.

No, The Lion failed in his critical reaction to the Spitzer thing. The Lion did not immediately make the equation ‘Ah ha, Bill Clinton, President, having a consensual affair with a willing woman a decade ago equals Eliot Spitzer, Governor, paying a hooker four grand for some bouncy bouncy a little while ago’.

The Lion utterly failed to connect a ten-year-old affair to a fresh new political whoring scandal. The Republicans are screaming for Spitzer’s head. ‘Hypocrisy, hypocrisy,’ they cry. Perhaps we’ll hear from Senator David Vitter any day now. One cannot help but wonder if these two paragons of the left and the right may just possibly have shared the same vagina or mouth or butt. Now there’s democracy in action for you.

The Lion is just such an abject failure at modern illogic and irrationality. Perhaps he just isn’t mean enough, or narrow minded enough, or arrogant enough, or full of himself enough in a punditic sense. The Lion will endeavor to correct his possible moral deficit, or worse, his punditry worship deficit.

But perhaps Mikey might consider returning to plagiarism or to enfictioning newspaper columns, or whatever it was he was kicked off the Boston Globe for doing. Somehow he made more sense then. Everyone in the country assumed that. Right, Mike? Right?


4 Responses

  1. Great post. You and I obviously suffer from the same mental deficiency, because Clinton-Lewinsky never crossed my mind either. I love this line: Perhaps we’ll hear from Senator David Vitter any day now.


  2. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I would bet that all your regular readers and all six of mine would say the same thing. In their own unique and expressive ways, of course.


  3. Well, I’m not free to comment on this because a certain Herd of atheists will be discussing this on their next podcast.

    But, just so you know — I immediately thought of Clinton. Democrats are so fucking talented at shooting themselves in the … um … foot.


  4. Ex –

    Jeez, Ex, I was counting on you. I’m so disappointed. Are you absolutely certain you were thinking of Clinton and Lewinsky? Maybe it was another woman, huh?


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