Good Analysis Of The Oil Situation. You’re Screwed.

Common Dreams posted a good analysis of the oil situation worldwide in this article.

It’s long, but worth reading.

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4 Responses

  1. Cheerful as always. My commute now costs $6.00 per day with a small sedan.

    My wife says: “Remember when we used to eat meat?”

    Refresh my memory: Back in the ’04 election, didn’t Kerry get lambasted in the press and by Bush and all his little Bushites for predicting that, unless we make major changes, oil will hit $100 a barrel? So why do the people who get it right end up being ignored, and the ones who get it wrong (again, and again, and again, and . . .) get elected? Apparently, Americans do not want truth. We want to be told that everything is grand, and to ignore the guy making sense.

    Well, at the least, our recession (possibly depression) should cut our oil consumption.


  2. Next month your wife will say “Remember when we used to eat?”

    As for the rest, Americans appreciate a liar. I think basically not very many Americans ever leave adolescence emotionally and mentally. Reality’s not what they want.


  3. You should check out clusterfuck nation if you really want to get depressed.

    The American way of life, while it may not be negotiable according to our drooling VP, is also not sustainable nor scalable. Nor will technology save us. It also is not scalable. It simply cannot replace oil on a massive enough scale to keep on doing what we are doing.

    Hang onto your ass and move to the country, if you can.


  4. slut –

    You’re right. Now I’m really depressed.

    A happy solution might include feeding ground banker to my cats.


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