Critical Opinions Needed By The Lion, But You Gotta Do A Little Reading….

The Lion’s partner in crime, Grumpy Tiger, writes a little satire now and again. He’s looking for some opinion on the pieces there. Any intelligent input appreciated. (Okay, okay, The Lion is a victim of multiple personality syndrome, all twenty-seven of him.)

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7 Responses

  1. Disclaimer: The following is an uncharacteristically serious suggestion.

    Why not just import that Grumpy Tiger stuff over to Grumpy Lion? It’s not getting the attention it deserves over there, and I can’t think of a good reason why it needs its own blog. Your regular readers here ought to be able to figure out when you’re being completely satirical and when you’re only being sarcastic and sardonic.


  2. Ex –

    Are you allowed to get serious? šŸ™‚

    Anyway, my original thought was to keep the various kinds of posts separate because I think there would be a different readership for each kind. People who like analytical rants at the Lion might not care for Tiger satire, and vice versa, and the readers at Panther may be a different kettle of fish altogether. I think a site builds expectations – people read Doonesbury for one thing but aren’t interested in Mary Worth because it’s something else.

    That said, I’m not sure how well that analysis holds up.

    And the satire is harder to write, so would occur less often (as the dates tell you!).

    Anyway I’m still bouncing this around, which is why I’m looking for thoughts and opinions, and thank you for yours. See Billy for your prize of cigars and scotch. šŸ™‚


  3. Oh, yeah there’s also this: Today’s Horoscope


  4. Ric: You could keep the Grumpy Tiger for that audience, but cross-post that stuff here too, for the rest of us. If we don’t want to read it, we’ll skip it. Having said that, I think most of us who stop in here regularly would read it, enjoy it and give you our two cents worth too. Be forewarned: you may be sorry you asked.


  5. Bring all that Grumpy Tiger shit over to Grumpy Lion. And, yeah, the horoscope posts, too, and the stuff from Grumpy Panther. I’m surprised there’s no Grumpy Ocelot and Grumpy Lynx and Grumpy Pussy. Did you read a children’s book on cats of the world before starting your blogs?

    Why should your posts be predictable or consistent? Make believe you have a newspaper column without any specific length restrictions. Fun, huh? Then you could write whatever the fuck you wanted instead of whining all the time about how it’s just you and your cats against the Republicans.


  6. Chappie –

    “Be forewarned: you may be sorry you asked.”

    Yeah, that’s how I felt about my two marriages…

    GT doesn’t really have an audience, largely I think because I don’t post there regularly. As for the regular Lion crowd, I’m thinking I’d like to see three cents, because, you know, inflation, price of oil, food, that sort of thing. A penny just isn’t worth what it was last week.


  7. Ex –

    Apparently you have me confused with Evo whining for awards. Successfully, I might add. We could all learn from him.

    And it is not just me and my cats. I’ve enlisted two of the three strays that inhabit the back yard. The third is uncommitted. Likely a Naderite.

    You do know that Republicans are afraid of cats? There’s method to my madness. Or vice versa.


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