Teilhard de Chardin Gets A Beast And A Flower; Man Gets Another Ancestor

Below the fold on the front page of the Globe today, Colin Nickerson tells of the finding of a 56 million year old creature in what is now Mississippi.


It’s a ‘sap-slurping, tree-dwelling creature’, according to K. Christopher Beard, a paleontologist who wrote the paper on the discovery. Beard believes the creature made its way here from Asia over various land bridges, and ultimately continued on to Europe.

Beard named it Teilhardina magnoliana.

It’s the size of your thumb and it’s extinct. But it’s back there in the primate gene pool.  It was our great-granddaddy, in a manner of speaking. Apparently it had more brainpower than George Bush (okay, The Lion made that up… but it’s a reasonable assumption). image

It’s a fascinating little story. And pokes another little stick in the eye of creationists and similar fools, so it did not die in vain.



4 Responses

  1. Great story. That critter is pretty cute.


  2. And obviously I’ve inherited its good looks…


  3. Too bad Bush didn’t inherit the brains.


  4. (((Billy))): He didn’t get the looks either. 🙂


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