Break time!

Coffee break!

Long coffee break!

Time to rest the brain fluids!

Nap time!

Whatever. The Lion’s gonna snore instead of roar for a little while. Donations of comfy bed linens and women are welcome.

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13 Responses

  1. Query: Will your sabbatical turn into a sundical and then a mondical? I hope you’re not gone for too long. I would miss your, ummmm, original? take on reality.



  2. With your political philosophy, you really ought to put this up to a vote. There’s no justice if someone can make unilateral decisions like that.


  3. And the Lion sleeps…weebo web


  4. () –

    Are you suggesting that my take on reality lacks reality? Does your mother know you talk like that?

    At my age I thought I might turn into a popsical. (Yes, I know about the spelling… it’s done for humorous effect… are you laughing?)

    Ex –

    Alright. Let’s vote. The Question: Can The Lion take a sabbatical anytime he wants? And just what are his obligations to his devoted, fanatical readers, all six of them?

    I vote yes on the main question.

    fray –

    weebo web? Have you taken leave of your weebos?


  5. No, I am not suggesting that your take on reality lacks reality. I am only insinuating that your have a way of finding a small crack of oddness in almost any situation, pour in some water, and freeze the crack into a canyon with wit, sarcasm, sardonicism, logic, felinity, salinity (salty humour), and the sharp focus of grumpyness.

    My vote as to the efficacy of the Grumpy Lion taking a popsical depends partly upon the length of said popsical. The longer your brilliance is gone, the less the chance of me voting yes.


  6. () –

    You mean you really thought it was water?

    Thank you for the nice words. Really. 🙂

    BTW are you wearing a hat in that picture or is that your hair?

    As for the length of the popsical, I’m thinking a couple of weeks of defocusing.


  7. It is a hard hat. I was six years old, on a field trip while attending kindergarten at Death Valley Elementary School in Death Valley, California. Every year we had a field trip to Mosaic Canyon to go repelling. Despite the thickness of my skull, they made me wear a hard hat (made out of metal, back then (for the edification of you young whippersnappers)). I didn’t go long hair and ponytail until I was in, oh, seventh or eighth grade.

    The commmentary is salty, not the water. Neither is the beer (though I had a Coors the other day and that stuff needs some flavour, ’cause DAMN).


  8. My comment was directed at your comment that I was pouring water into the cracks. 🙂

    As for Coors, what did you expect? The older breweries in America don’t know how to make beer. They just dress up some water with bubbles and toss in a hop or two. Bud, Coors, the others, they’re a waste of water and money.


  9. Yeah. I see that. I forgot what I wrote and was too lazy to go back and check.

    As for old breweries, give me Yuegling.


  10. Damnation. That’s supposed to be Yungling. Yeuingling. Yeunglin. Whatever. And I haven’t had a drink yet.


  11. Fer chrissake have a drink! You’re making me nervous.


  12. I was debating whether you got it or not and since you seem not to have actually GONE on to your sabbatical….The Tokens song,I thought it was funny oh well.Enjoy the break whenever you get around to taking it.


  13. fray –

    I got the reference. I was just messing with you.

    I’m not sure I can get a break. Even when I’m on my little sabbatical I keep writing blogs in my head. I had a beauty going this morning before I got out of bed. McCain would have turned purple. Not that he would ever read the thing.

    I don’t regard answering comments as blogging, so they don’t get sabbaticalized. 🙂


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