Serbs Attack U. S. Embassy. U. S. Outraged. Oh me oh my! McCain benefits.

Today’s Globe naturally carried the story of the mob attack on the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade yesterday. But the story in the newspaper and the story online aren’t the same, so The Lion’s quotes won’t necessarily match up.

From the newspaper story by Slobodan Lekic of the Associated Press:

At least 150,000 people rallied in Belgrade, waving Serbian flags and signs proclaiming “Stop USA terror,” to denounce the bid by Kosovo’s ethnic Albanian majority to create their own state out of what Serbs consider the ancient heartland of their culture.

Protesters burned American flags and the mob that attacked the embassy tore down the US flag there. Crowds ransacked a McDonald’s, looted stores, and fought with police in front of other diplomatic compounds in a display of the resentment seething in Serbia over the secession of what has been its southernmost province.

And from the online story:

“I’m outraged by the mob attack,” said Zalmay Khalilzad, the US ambassador to the United Nations. The UN Security Council condemned the attacks.

But why Zalmay, why?

The Lion understands that under international law and custom, the host country is obligated to protect embassies and the like. The Serbs didn’t do that.

On the other hand, how is it that the United States and the other countries which have been involved in the area since the war there, could not have anticipated the violent reaction to Kosovan independence and not prepared for it at all levels, from Embassy security to conducting serious diplomacy in the region?

To voice so-called outrage at a virtually inevitable occurrence makes the Americans look like fools. (Okay, The Lion notes, as so often before he has noted, the Americans pretty much have been fools for the last eight years.)

If the Americans intend to go mucking about in other people’s politics, they had better get some smarter people into government, people who actually know what goes on in the real world and are prepared intellectually to work with the real world. That qualification would pretty much leave out everyone in the Bush administration, which sees the world through a narrow ideological lens that ignores at least ninety percent of reality.

Given the ferocity of feeling in all levels of Serbian society and government over the Kosovo issue, yesterday’s events were predictable. So predictable that the embassy staff stayed away, leaving only a small group of Marines in place.

That the Serbs would be reluctant to provide Embassy defense, given the significance of the issue, shouldn’t have been too hard to figure out. Nobody was listening in the West, and the lack of protection sent a nicely packaged message about how deep feeling runs about Kosovo.

And yet, we have White House spokestwit Dana Perino:

White House spokesman Dana Perino criticized Serbia’s government, saying the embassy “was attacked by thugs” and Serb police didn’t do enough to stop it.

Were they thugs before they attacked or after they attacked? The Lion suspects a good many of them were angry cab drivers, waiters, working people. But Perino’s job is to look pretty and to whine and lie on behalf of George Bush.

And of course the State Department, under the control of the most ineffective, useless, and incompetent Secretary of State in modern times, chimed in:

State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said the United States warned Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica and Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic that it would hold them personally responsible for further damage.

Sure. The Americans are good at warning people, accusing people, blaming people, and making laughable threats. What does Sean intend to do? Sue them in small claims court? Garnish their wages? Nobody in the United States government in the last eight years has accepted responsibility for the horrors the Americans have unleashed on innocents, but smash up part of an American embassy and you’ll be held responsible for every brick. Whaddya say, Sean, let’s waterboard the bastards until they pay for the bricks?

In fact, none of the countries whose diplomatic buildings were attacked have any cause to complain. Having spent so many years there and to not have recognized the powerful dynamics of the Serb-Kosovo situation speaks poorly of them all. To whine about it marks them as incompetent and ineffectual.

On a final  note, The Lion can’t help but think that the whining of the United States is intended for the domestic political audience. After all, the Republicans and the Bush administration have been living off of demonizing foreigners for years, if not decades. To call the Serbs thugs is simply feeding raw meat to the know-nothings comprising the Republican party. It could well be an intentional strategy to convince the Americans to vote into the White House another incompetent, ideological, and corrupt President, named John McCain.

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  1. Good analysis. Once again, the Shrubs have demonstrated their incompetence, ignorance and ineptitude.


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