McCain Denounces Bush, Courtesy Of Obama

In today’s Globe, in the Campaign Notebook, Senator John McCain denounces Senator Barack Obama “for saying last summer that, if elected, he might order unilateral military strikes in Pakistan against Al Qaeda.”

McCain goes on to say that he wouldn’t do such a thing.

“There’s ways of working with leaders of other countries, and the one thing you don’t want to do is embarrass them,” McCain told reporters. “So I announce tomorrow, by the way, I don’t care what the Pakistani government and people feel, I’m going to go bomb Pakistan. That’s just not the kind of way to conduct foreign policy and national security policy.”

This from the fellow who cheerily and publicly sang ‘bomb bomb bomb, bomb Iran’. But unilateral covert strikes in Pakistan are just what Bush and his buddies have been doing. And hardly subtle, either.

So is Johnny Boy, after sucking up to Bush and the Cons for so long, now denouncing Bush and his policies? If he’s going to criticize Obama for suggesting actions that Georgie has been doing for a while, then he’s got to come out and slam Bush with at least as much vigor.

In the same Notebook, John ‘McTorture’ McCain encourages Bush to veto a bill that forbids United States personnel to inflict waterboarding and other tortures on prisoners of war. Of course, he voted against it before he chose to be for it.

Since he believes, along with virtually all Washington Republicans, and a good part of the country, that torture works, that torture virtually guarantees the extraction of information, perhaps he would be so good as to confess what information he gave to his torturers in Vietnam.

C’mon Johnny, where’s that straight talk you consider yourself so famous for? Torture works. You were tortured for over five years. What did you give up, McCain?

Make a clean breast of it, Johnny. What did you say in Vietnam? And how many times did you bang the little lobbyist who had business before your Senate committee? And how much money did Keating give you?

John McCain, just another squeaky clean Republican lusting for power.


15 Responses

  1. Keep in mind, he’s trying to be the anti-war, honest government, secularist, tax the rich, war hawk, religious right pandering, sleeping (literally, it turns out) with the lobbyists, tax cut Republican. Reality does not matter. As he tries to be all things to all people, and tries to detach himself from everything he said or did in the past, he becomes more of a joke daily.


  2. Is McCain suffering from dementia, amnesia or I-can’t-keep-all-my-damn-lies straight syndrome?


  3. He wasn’t a prisoner of war and he wasn’t tortured, he was illegal combatant and terrorist, who attacked vietnam because he hated their freedoms, who was detained and questioning by the NVA, using techniques that their folks in the military say they needed to defend their country from the threat they faced. 😉


  4. Both McCain’s statement on Iran and Obama’s on Pakistan violate international law and could be viewed as declarations of war. So they were both stupid but what is the Pakistani response likely to be? Nothing!

    But the Iran speech is serious. Obama can enter into dialogue with Iran, without any preconditions, McCain can’t unless he withdraws his speech, and I can’t see that happening. So Iran will ignore him, Russia and China won’t allow the security council to approve serious sanctions let against war against Iran, and America can’t realistically do anything about it, unless it wants to start another war that it will lose.


  5. Chappie –

    McCain is suffering from Republicanism. It’s far worse than any of the illnesses you mentioned.

    Steph –

    LOL on your first comment.

    And I think spot on in the second. His little ‘bomb bomb’ joke destroyed his credibility on foreign policy, and destroyed any leverage he might have with Iran, though I suspect he believes the U.S. doesn’t need leverage with Iran, since the Iranians are evil beyond belief and of course deserve to be bombed because they’re not like us. I have an image in my head of a United States delegation sitting down for the first time across the table from an Iranian delegation, and the Iranians stand and start singing ‘Bomb bomb bomb, bomb Iran’ as they walk out of the conference.

    I saw in a piece yesterday that Johnny McTorture made a joke about waterboarding some of his staff that departed when his campaign was almost dead.

    This country’s done if that ugly-minded little man gets into the White House.


  6. This country’s done if that ugly-minded little man gets into the White House.

    This country’s done if any of the current crop of candidates gets into the White House. There’s not a statesman or stateswoman among them, and not one of them has international credibility. The only Americans who have international credibility are Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates. I can’t stand either of them, but that’s the winning ticket.


  7. Ex –

    Well, damn, Ex, I’m running, you know. You mean to tell me you wouldn’t vote for good ol’ Grumpy Lion? Even if I promise to throw Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh naked into a cell in Guantanamo? Together? And make Bush watch from his cell? C’mon, that’s gotta be worth a vote!


  8. Ric:
    Your promise is pretty enticing. It’s better than what Jasper (Bullet’s cat) and Exterminator (the owl guy) have offered so far. Can you believe that neither of them has offered any bribes to the voters yet? You’re already a step ahead of them!

    Let’s see, how about this for a ticket: Exterminator for President and Grumpy Lion for VP. You could then nominated Jasper for either Attorney General or Secretary of State.

    Damn – that lineup looks a lot better than the clowns that are currently in those positions.:(


  9. Chappie –

    To coin a phrase, The Lion would rather reign in Hell than serve as vice president. Unless of course I’m offered plenty of vice.

    And for Attorney General I want a genuine criminal, with a serious record, not one of the amateurs like we’ve had lately.

    For Secretary of State, someone in a legitimate persistent vegetative state who knows what needs to be done and has the energy and motivation and the smarts to actually do it.


  10. Chappy:
    Can you believe that [Exterminator has not] offered any bribes to the voters yet?

    Well, I know that any red-blooded guy would vote for me if I gave him a free six-pack of Bud. But I’m still waiting for someone to answer Siggy Freud’s question: What does a woman want? As soon as I get that simple answer, I’ll be supplying the appropriate incentives.


  11. @ Ric

    Picking up on what exterminator said, I don’t believe Obama will have any leverage with Iran and won’t be able to make any formal peace deals with them but what he will be able to do, which McCain won’t, is be able to tone down the rhetoric without losing face, that would take a lot of heat out of the situation.


  12. Exterminator:
    I’m only a sample of one, but a bottle of Shiraz and a dozen red roses goes a pretty long way with this lady.


  13. Ex –

    That’s the best you can do? Watery beer made by a company whose best product is Clydesdale horse manure?


  14. Chappie can be bought?! Who woulda thunk it?


  15. Steph –

    I generally agree, but I think the Iranians will take Obama seriously, assuming he doesn’t engage in the phony machismo nonsense the Bush boys have been hurling around.


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