Castro Says Bye-Bye; Bush And The Right Wing Have Orgasms

Fidel Castro is hanging up his political career as chief revolutionist and dictator of Cuba.

Whoop dee do.

The Lion is, of course, being sarcastic. Castro has been out of commission for almost two years. Cuba has survived just fine. The country didn’t collapse. No fool invaded them. They have political institutions in place to carry on without the bearded one.

But George Bush, the psycho boy king of America, taking time out from being swamped by the adulation of Africans who have been gulled into thinking he is their savior, had this to say:

President Bush, traveling in Rwanda on a tour of African nations, greeted the news by saying that the resignation should be the beginning a democratic transition in Cuba that would lead to free elections. “The United States will help the people of Cuba realize the blessings of liberty,” he said.

Mr. Bush called for Cuba to release political prisoners and to begin building “institutions necessary for democracy that eventually will lead to free and fair elections.”

Yeah, the United States is going to do for Cuba what it did for Iraq and Afghanistan, is that the message, George?

The Lion would advise the people of Cuba to get out the guns, because the incompetent ideologues of the Republican Party want to screw over Cuba just as they’ve screwed over everything else they’ve touched.

The hypocrisy of Bush and the Republicans crowing about bringing democracy to the world while they do all they can to destroy it in the United States must boggle any intelligent mind.

If the Cubans want to do something about democracy, they could make a good start by invading and reclaiming Guantanamo and releasing the political prisoners held there wrongly and unjustly by an administration gone insane with fear and power. 

But whatever the Cubans do, they need to do it themselves. The United States doesn’t need to throw itself into, or get sucked into, another useless, pointless war. It needs to take care of its own people and institutions, which have been savaged by Republican ideology, incompetence, malfeasance, and criminality.

As for the hard-line Cubans in Miami and elsewhere, they have shown no inclination to fight Castro. They’ve sat on their butts for fifty years, whining about what they lost, performing macho posturing, and expecting the United States soldiers to bail them out and die getting back their lost estates and money. Whatever one might think of Castro, he got a gun and he got some men and he toppled a corrupt dictator. We’ll never know what he might have made of Cuba if the fools in Washington had acted towards him with more sense than ideological fear and stupidity.

We, and the people of Cuba, can hope that someone puts restraints on the Big Fool in the White House this time.

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13 Responses

  1. “The United States will help the people of Cuba realize the blessings of liberty,” he said.

    I cringe when anyone, especially Shrub, starts referring to democracy in religious terms, as if it’s something to be bestowed from on high.

    The best thing we can show the Cubans is exactly how fucking hard it is to create and maintain a democracy, and feces talk like that doesn’t help.


  2. Spanqi –

    ‘…feces talk…’

    You’re being awfully delicate…


  3. Interesting. When I first heard him, I thought he was simply an idiot (yeah, really new feeling, right?) for saying now there will be freedom and democracy. I thought, doesn’t he know the reigns will just be passed to the little brother (who is only what, 100 years old compared to Fidel who is 120?) who in turn will hand off to some other familial relation, buddy, ass kisser, etc. I did not focus on the offer of “help”. Very interesting, and scary. Well if the W will have one last hurrah, I’d rather it be Cuba over Iran. Let’s hope his last hurrah is more stupid crap like solving Africa’s Malaria problem by sending more mosquito netting.


  4. Ric

    “Mr. Bush called for Cuba to release political prisoners”

    …being held in Guantanamo

    You’ve got to Bush, he’s a comical genius.


  5. Hmmm.

    “You’ve got to hand it to Bush, he’s a comical genius.”


  6. Is Dumbya Shrub certifiably insane? Please don’t tell me we’re about to send some Boy Scout troops (since the National Guard and military are already deployed) to invade and annex Cuba.


  7. Now comes the spinners on Bush’s Legacy:

    After nearly 50 years of U.S. failures after U.S. failure, he finally got Castro to step down!


  8. Chappie –

    Don’t worry, we’re not sending the Boy Scouts. We’re sending Cub Scouts and Brownies.

    Ex –

    Which simply confirms what we’ve known all along – Bush is an intestinal disease.

    Steph –

    How about – a comical intestinal disease…


  9. “The United States will help the people of Cuba realize the blessings of liberty,” he said.

    Those just may be the most frightening words the citizens of Cuba have ever heard. The blessings of liberty, with this bunch, comes with a bunch of teenagers amped on Red Bull with cluster bombs and tanks, and a CinC amped on the Bible and cluster fucks.


  10. They get Red Bull!? Free?!


  11. It was a literary tool to get a point accross. Sheesh. I have no idea if they get Red Bull for free or have to pay for it.


  12. Aw nuts, just another literary tool. I thought it was a hyperenergy drink.


  13. The drink is a hyperenery drink. My use in this instance was a literary tool. Why the heck am I explaining this? I know you are intelligent. I know you know you are intelligent. I know you know that I know that . . .

    Sorry. Its my Firday. Brain not woking. Need Kaffeeen.


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