John McCain Makes Sluts Look Good And Conservatives Look Bad

Back in the day The Lion heard stories of the local lady, usually a high school girl, who went to parties and gave blow jobs in the back bedroom. That the stories were untrue probably 95% of the time didn’t matter. The apocryphal girl probably just wanted to be liked, whoever and whenever she was. But she would forever be marked as a slut, a lowlife, a whore.

Now comes John McCain to make her look like virtue and honor incarnate. The party is a Republican affair, and there’s no back bedroom for McCain. He’s right out there in public, in full view of the press and the world, giving blow jobs to Conservatives.

It’s not so much that he wants to be liked. He’s simply so desperate to get into the Oval Office as President that he will do anything, say anything, degrade himself and anyone around him to sit behind that desk.

Any honorable military man should be backing away from McCain, a veteran, as fast as possible. McCain spent five and half years under torture in a Vietnamese prison, but now, reversing himself, he supports the United States using torture on prisoners.

Why? Because that’s what the Conservatives want the United States to do. The Lion notes a couple of things about Conservatives. They pissed their pants so badly about a handful of fanatics that they’ve been completely willing to throw the laws and the Constitution of the United States under the bus. And they claim to be oh so Christian, but they pervert the central tenets of Christianity. For them morality comes down to the Bush Rule, which states “Do it to them before they think of doing it to us.” The Lion notes that the Bush Rule utterly ignores that if you do it to them, you betcha they’re gonna do it to you.

These are the people John McCain now admires and emulates.

Putting the matter more politely than The Lion ever wants to be capable of doing is David Golove, a law professor, in today’s Globe:

David Golove, a New York University law professor who studies executive power, said McCain seems to be changing his views in order to “consolidate support among the most conservative parts of the Republican Party, who generally have been sympathetic to the kinds of activities undertaken by President Bush that had made Senator McCain extremely uncomfortable.”

How far will Johnny Boy go?

On Wednesday, McCain voted against a bill restricting CIA interrogators to the techniques approved in the Army Field Manual, which complies with the Geneva Conventions. McCain – who has consistently argued that the administration was wrong to insist that Bush’s wartime powers allow him to employ controversial tactics despite antitorture laws and treaties – issued a statement arguing that the CIA needed more flexibility to extract information from terror suspects.

McCain has apparently fallen for the Bush delusion that the United States can piss on the rest of the world and never have to worry about the world deciding to crap on the United States.

When the official policy of the United States is to torture people, to violate laws and treaties against torture, then United States politicians have opened the door to the torture of American military and diplomatic personnel, indeed to the torture of any American anywhere in the world. And no American should feel safe against torture, on American soil, at the hands of Americans. Torture is a beast that, once unleashed, needs to be fed, and will be fed, until the torturers and their masters are locked in the pits they once ruled.

Bush has decided, supported by Republicans and Conservatives, that torture is the official policy of the United States. McCain now agrees.

And McCain, when he once upon a time was against the use of torture, “repeatedly declared that the United States should treat detainees humanely because ‘it’s not about who they are, it’s about who we are.'”

Well, The Lion would guess that we now know who we are. The United States is now on a par with third-world dictatorships that routinely torture their own, and McCain and the Conservatives like that just fine.

Lest anyone think that McCain’s flip-flop applies only to some poor nameless sods caught up in the incompetent clutches of the American military and CIA, one needs to consider that he’s decided that no American should be safe from the taint of morally corrupt American Republican Conservatism.

Moreover, McCain voted Tuesday to terminate lawsuits against telecommunications companies that participated in Bush’s warrantless wiretapping program. Passage of the bill would force courts to toss out some 40 cases in which critics of the program are trying to get a judge to rule that their participation was illegal.

The same old Johnny Boy who publicly hugged George Bush after Bush slimed McCain’s family with a racist slur campaign in 2000, the same old McCain who took money during the Keating Five scandal to influence regulators, said in December 2007:

…in an interview with the Globe about presidential power in December, McCain said he did not believe that presidents have the power to authorize surveillance programs that bypass statutes, saying: “I don’t think the president has the right to disobey any law.”

But now it’s okay for Presidents to break the law, any law apparently, because Johnny Boy needs the Conservatives, who support the President acting like an Emperor, to vote for him so he can assume the ermine mantle and crown now worn by the Boy Psychopath Bush.

In fact old Johnny called the House of Representatives ‘disgraceful’ because they didn’t rubber stamp the Senate version of the telecom bill, the version that sold out every American and the Constitution by granting legal immunity to companies that deliberately broke the laws on wiretapping Americans.

The only difference between Bush and McCain is that McCain is short and delusional and Bush is tall and delusional.

And the capstone, or tombstone if you will, to the whole sorry mess of McCain finalizing his performance as slut of the year comes in the last two paragraphs of the Globe story:

McCain’s performance won plaudits from conservatives. Former prosecutor Andy McCarthy, writing in National Review online, an influential conservative blogsite that has often been very critical of McCain, said the surveillance vote showed why the Arizona senator should be the next president.

“It showed about as starkly as it can be shown that when it comes to [picking the candidate] who understands the threat we are facing and who is more fit to be trusted with responsibility for protecting American lives, there is no comparison here: McCain is so head-and-shoulders above Obama and Clinton, it’s hard to quantify,” he wrote.

Conservatives want as President a man who is corrupt, financially and morally; a man who blatantly lies, as he did about his little market sojourn in Iraq, accompanied by a hundred soldiers and five attack helicopters; who believes in torture, and cares not a whit that American soldiers will pay the price, in kind; who believes that American Presidents should be above the law and have no restraints on power. Indeed, Conservatives prefer a candidate who actually has the morals and ethics of a psychopathic whore, and apparently just as much brainpower as a hormonally deranged adolescent.

So what else is new?


13 Responses

  1. John McCain lives off that war hero fantasy but he was actually a war criminal he was bombing a thermal power plant when he was shot down, and most of his targets were civilian. I don’t deny that he was tortured but so were all the prisoners in Guantanamo, Bagram and Abu Ghraib, but America is less keen to call them heroes. If he wasn’t the son and Grandson of 4 star admirals, would anyone in America even know his name?

    He is a supporter of the war, the failed surge, and of bombing Iran. So I can see why the Neo cons would back him. His foreign policy agenda isn’t going to be that different from Bush’s.


  2. I’ve noted before that his great claim to be a military leader depends almost solely on bombing people he couldn’t see, getting his plane shot out from under him, and spending over five years in prison. And he seems to have learned absolutely nothing from any of that.


  3. This was a great post. It’s hard to think of someone more shameless than a politician who supports the use of torture to win votes.
    Except the evil moron voters who think that support for torture makes him a more attractive candidate, obviously.


  4. Conservatives want as President a man who is corrupt, financially and morally; a man who blatantly lies, as he did about his little market sojourn in Iraq, accompanied by a hundred soldiers and five attack helicopters; who believes in torture, and cares not a whit that American soldiers will pay the price, in kind; who believes that American Presidents should be above the law and have no restraints on power. Indeed, Conservatives prefer a candidate who actually has the morals and ethics of a psychopathic whore, and apparently just as much brainpower as a hormonally deranged adolescent.

    I think this sounds like something you’ve stolen from a reference book. Tell the truth. Have you been flipping through The Encyclopedia of Scoundrels again?


  5. Ex –

    If you’ll look on page 342 of the EOS you’ll find me. Takes one to smell one out, eh? 🙂


  6. Didn’t George Bush I get into the Navy pilot program early with the help of his Daddy? And didn’t the right call him a hero because he got shot down? What is it with conservatives? Do they insist that to be a war hero, you gotta screw up bad? What, do they think that JFK’s popularity was based solely on losing his boat? Didn’t ideas have something to do with it?

    Notice, please, no parentheses (and only questions). DOH!


  7. I actually liked McCain 8 years ago. I’ve been saddened to watch him debase himself in pursuit of his ambition. I know that all presidential candidates are ambitious, but, IMO, the degree of McCain’s ambition renders him unsuited for the office he seeks. I sincerely hope he loses the election by a huge margin.


  8. If you’ll look on page 342 of the EOS you’ll find me. Takes one to smell one out, eh? 🙂

    That can’t be right. Page 342 is only half way through the introduction.

    It seems to me that this government could kill two birds with one stone. And it wouldn’t take a whole lot of effort or money – far less than we’ve spent on Iraq, for instance.

    Declare a “put a man on the moon” type initiative to get America off the oil tit by at least 50% in 10-20 years. Reduce our oil consumption, and the rest of the world will follow suit. When that happens, the Middle East will become irrelevant. When the Middle East is irrelevant, we’ll stop paying attention to them, the nut cases can go back to living the Islamic life free from western influence, and can go back to living in tents in the desert and worshiping their non-existent god, there will be no reason or point to terrorism, and we won’t have to torture anyone to extract secrets we’ll neither need nor want. And, as an added bonus, our energy costs, if they haven’t been reduced, will at least be redirected into our own economy rather than Arabic owned yachts and real estate in Abu Dubai.


  9. Spanqi –

    You left out the most important part of the plan – the people who are making so much money off the current situation. Oil companies and their spawn, defense contractors, the Blackwaters, and the rest. Ultimately it’s not about oil – it’s about money. Until those people are convinced they can make as much or more money doing things that contribute to the survival of the planet, they won’t stop ripping the earth apart. If oil didn’t make money, those people would let us all freeze to death. Money is amoral, and so are the people whose chief aim in life is to pursue money.

    And BTW you must have been reading an old edition of the EOS. The introduction in the 3rd revised EOS is only 24 pages, and that’s the latest one. In the original my bio is on pages 1067 – 1158. (Evo is on pages 845 – 853.)

    () –

    Yeah, it was the idea of him losing his boat that turned the tide.

    At least Daddy Bush, whom I detest as much as his drug-addled child, went into combat, unlike his gutless wonderchild.

    Conservatives prefer to work from theories. They don’t like getting their hands dirty in the real world where the folk who are pink and white don’t live.


  10. I tried to insert this into your Roger Clemens post, but Firefox kept crashing, so now that you mentioned the money angle, I think it’s relevant here.

    It’s Money That Matters

    Had to use a different brower to do this. I think I’ll switch to MAC.


  11. Nice convertible, Spanqi. I’ll have to buy one. The redhead too. 🙂

    The problem you had with Firefox crashing is simple: Roger doesn’t like to share the spotlight.


  12. I’m with the Chaplain. I used to think he was a good guy. Somehow I find it worse that he’s being an asshole to fit in rather than just simply being an asshole. I mean, when W behaves badly, he’s like a child or perhaps a puppy. He doesn’t know any better and needs a rap on the nose. McCain CLEARLY knows better when you see what his stances used to be and considering his experience he SHOULD know better. I guess what I’m saying is W is amoral and McCain is immoral.

    Great post.


  13. What has experience ever done for the President’s of the United State? Not very much. The longer one stays in the corrupt system of politics, the more immoral one becomes. I guess since handing over information of the enemy for medical treatment is “honorable,” we should all just go over to Iraq and spill some information. I see nothing honorable about bombing civilian areas. It’s cowardice to not have to look into your enemy’s eye before you kill them. Anyone can drop bombs from a plane. It’s cowardice to slaughter innocent people. It’s cowardice to rape innocent women. It’s cowardice to kill innocent children. I think it takes a real man to stand up and say “no.” It takes a real man to admit to defeat and to own up to their flaws. Mc Cain is a coward in my eyes, and the only thing worse than a coward, is a liar. And as it turns out, he’s both.


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