House Democrats Beat Down The Bush

House Democrats refused to knuckle under to Bush’s cries of “Terror, terror, terror!” They scuttled a vote on the bill that would give the telecom companies immunity from lawsuits and prosecution for violating the wiretap laws.

Could it be that Bush cried “I am a psychopathic liar!” one too many times?

3 Responses

  1. Go, Congress! It’s about time you guys grew a pair!


  2. I like the way the Republicans keep saying (paraphrasing): “Why should we punish the companies for cooperating after 9/11” when the Bushies were co-opting the telecom companies for this illegal intrusion well before 9/11.



  3. Chappie –

    Two hundred some odd Dems, and only one pair. Not a good sign.

    () –

    So that’s what all those little clicks on my phone are about these past few years…


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