Roger ‘The Dodger’ Clemens, A True Blue American Distraction

The Lion admits freely to never having been a fan of Roger Clemens, or of baseball.

As to who’s lying about Roger’s body playing host to various substances, The Lion doesn’t much care one way or the other. Is it Roger? Is it the mean looking little guy with the needle collection?


The Lion is curious about why Clemens spent so much time during his testimony yesterday in the Congressional hearing licking his lips. Mouth dry, Rog?

But the central fact of all the hullabaloo is that professional baseball is dirty. Some substantial number of players use illegal drugs to improve their performance.

And the central question beyond that has to be what if the drugs were legal?

Would baseball still be dirty?

Once upon a time a fan could pay a few bucks and go watch guys who weren’t a lot different from himself play hard, honest ball. The fan could imagine himself out there running down fly balls, finishing up a double play, smacking the ball over the fence.

Those days are done. These players now have nothing in common with the fans, who pay outrageous prices for tickets. The players are wealthy, they live in a different world under different rules. They think nothing of charging a child thirty or forty bucks for an autograph.

And the fans themselves have become as corrupt and dirty as the game. It doesn’t matter to them anymore about the skills of the game, the play of the game. Big numbers. Spectacular action. And no matter the cost. That’s what the fans want.

It’s showbiz, folks. It’s not sports. Get excited if you like, but don’t ever confuse professional sports in America with sport.

Nor should we confuse the Congress of the United States with an effective, honest legislative body.  They show more concern for the uses of Roger Clemens’ body than for the abuses of the Federal government by the Bush Administration. They’ll investigate baseball and football, but haven’t a lot of time for violations of the law and the Constitution by Bush and his friends.

Interesting that what amounts to a show trial of Clemens fills the television airwaves and the press on the same day that Congress decides to give legal immunity to the telecom companies, that donate so much money to the politicians, for breaking the laws on wiretapping American citizens.

Dirty sports have nothing on a corrupt Congress and a psychotic, power-hungry executive.

Go home, Roger. You really don’t matter.


7 Responses

  1. I actually liked Clemons,I passed on tickets to the game he fanned the 20. Anyway as a so so baseball fan and a Republican I humbly submit….This is an excellent post.


  2. Clemens first annoyed me when he decided he was too good to carry his own suitcase.

    Thanks for richly deserved praise. 🙂


  3. I used to admire his ability to keep going as an old man (shit, he’s MY age!!). But then, I use drugs to keep going (mine are legal, though: nasal meds for allergies, aspirin for arthritis, and scotch for bad days at work)


  4. () –

    I hope you’re using single malt…


  5. Hey Lion, just curios I have been reading so many articles written by iraqi and iranians that when I stumbled on your article of Clemems ( a good commentary by the way), I embeded and middle eastern accent. But, as I read more, I wondered, so I went back and embedded an American accent and that worked too. I’m confused. Just wondering are you middle eastern, american, middle eastern-american??? Good Day.


  6. Austin –

    Last time I looked at my passport I was a citizen of the United States. But since the Kafkaites took over, a person can never be sure.

    When you say you ’embedded an …. accent’, what do you mean?


  7. Ric: I confess that I prefer blended single malts (though my dad (when I was visiting him over Christmas vacation) had a bottle of single port barrel scotch that was damn good), usually Chivas or Pinch. Single malts are too hit or miss (some I like, some I don’t, even from the same distillery) for me to invest in a whole bottle.


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