The Lion Scales Another Peak In Darien…

Okay, poetic license aside, The Lion simply can’t stand silent, peak or no peak. Tonight Grumpy Lion has passed the 15,000 views mark.

Bring on the dancing girls. Break out the champagne. Kick start the band.

Someone up there loves me! Yeah, that’s right, the girl in the blue dress up on the balcony, you love me, right? Well, how about the one in the red miniskirt? C’mon, somebody’s gotta give a damn…

Well, how about the cats? Guys? Fellas? Hello! Aw, jeez, I feed you every day, clean your litter boxes. C’mon, a little cheer, a little huzzah huzzah for the old guy.


Where’s my vermouth? I’m going to bed. Bah.

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8 Responses

  1. Congratulations. I know I’ve added a few of those hits and will continue to do so. 🙂


  2. Chappie –

    You’re one of my biggest hitters. I have the bruises to prove it. 🙂


  3. Congratulations. Does loving your writing (and ranting (and failure to use parentheses)) count?


  4. My writing loves all lovers of it. Ranting counts for passion, and therefore is acceptable. The jury’s still out on the parentheses.


  5. Wow, 15,000 hits! I’ll bet you’re glad you bought that automatic clicking machine.


  6. You’ve taken 15,000 hits? And a lot of them were from Chappy?

    You aren’t a Lion. You are ALL MAN!

    We all love you, Ric. Though it’s getting hard to keep up with the new keyboard.


  7. i would of clinked on you more but i never under stand what your talking about. also i think you should have more pictures of the 3 stogges since so far you have none.


  8. Ex –

    No pansy machines for The Lion. I count every click by hand.

    Evo –

    You aren’t a Lion. You are ALL MAN!

    That’s what I keep saying. Except for the all Lion parts, of course.

    Trinity –

    I’ll kindly accept clinks even from the demented. Thanks.


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