Charges Against Guantanamo Six Are Bogus On Their Face

The United States has decided to go forward with trials for six detainees held at Guantanamo prison under a so-called military tribunal.

The action is bogus at the simplest level. Here’s a quote from today’s New York Times story:

-Each defendant was charged with conspiracy and a number of separate offenses including murder in violation of the law of war, attacking civilians, destruction of property in violation of the law of war and terrorism.

These people are being charged with war crimes. The list of charges read on the air yesterday included several war crimes charges.

There was no war.

War is a state of active conflict between nations. A group of stateless fanatics cannot wage war.

What was done on September 11, 2001 was a crime, an incredible, calculated, brutal crime, but it was not an act of war.

The war crimes and the crimes against humanity came later, when the United States, acting at the behest of the vanity and arrogance of George W. Bush, decided to pursue the criminals by declaring wars of aggression against two Islamic countries, and threatening a third. Bush chose to use a sledgehammer to chase a gnat.

Had he and his crew of incompetents had the intelligence and sense of the most minor European diplomats and criminal investigators, the criminals would have been locked up long ago, and hundreds of thousands of people now dead would be alive.

Whether these six men are guilty or not can never be known with certainty, no matter the outcome of the so-called trials. The United States has admitted torturing at least one of them. Undoubtedly what he said under torture will be admitted as evidence at trial. Can anyone doubt that the others were tortured? The government led by George Bush has proven itself adept at lies and distortions and deceit. Nothing it says can be trusted or believed. The minds controlling the government of the United States are awash in adolescent fantasies of revenge and power, forgetting that adolescents are generally stupid and incompetent at real-world dealings. When George Bush says the United States does not torture, he lies. And then he admits he lies.

The Rule of the Inquisition has come to be the accepted legal practice of the government of the United States. Torture starts with an assumption of certain guilt and proceeds until the victim agrees with the torturer. Only then does the torture stop. No other civilized country stoops to this sort of barbarism. That the United States chooses to ally itself with countries like Uzbekistan where dissenters are boiled alive speaks volumes about the mentality of the American government.

The West has become so frightened of a handful of fanatics that it has gone out of its way to destroy its centuries-old traditions of liberty and democracy, has chosen to engage in practices condemned for hundreds of years, has chosen to destroy itself, to do the work the fanatics set out to do and could not have done better if they held the reins of government power themselves.

And that the government has chosen, after holding these men in brutal conditions for years, to begin trials now, in the midst of an emotionally and intellectually charged election year, demonstrates the depths of cynicism and lust for power evidenced by the Republicans since they corrupted the American system to put George Bush into the White House.

No good will come from the phony trials to be held at Guantanamo by the military. They will do nothing but confirm in the eyes of the world the dark depths to which the Republicans under George Bush have plunged the United States.


3 Responses

  1. After September 11th America had the sympathy of the entire World. The Bush Administration has done an exceptional job of turning that sympathy to disgust.

    Excellent Blog, thankyou for a good read.


  2. Terrorists worldwide thank you for your support, it’s useful idiots like you who give them hope.


  3. I’m so glad I could be useful. I expect those cards and letters from the terrorists to come rolling in any day now.

    When you decide to dip your toes into reality instead of swimming in the delusional fantasies of Bush and his crew of psychopathic neocons, stop back in and say hi. Assuming, of course, that hordes of terrorists don’t invade your town and overwhelm it with their armies and tanks and ships and jet fighters. Good luck with that.


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