Bush Surrogate Announces New Domino Theory. It’s Called ‘Cancer’.

Robert M. Gates, reputed to be the United States Secretary of Defense presiding over the Department of War, has redefined the old domino theory of ruin and world’s end.

The theory held that if one nation in a region turned Communist all the others would follow, like a row of dominoes tumbling into each other. The profound thinking of the elite geniuses who thought up this metaphor sent millions of American men into Vietnam, killing over 50,000 of them, and killing millions of Vietnamese who never did give a damn about dominoes. The My Lai massacre encapsulates the essence of the Vietnam war – arrogant, ignorant, fearful racial slaughter.

But of course we aren’t supposed to notice that Southeast Asia did not fall, did not become Communist, but did become more wary of arrogant and stupid American governments.

Now we have the resurgence of international dominoes, courtesy of Bush surrogate Gates. He’s been touring Europe, hoping to sucker European governments into wasting their troops and money on the Americans’ ludicrous ventures in the Middle East and South West Asia.

(The Lion notes that this story, by Kim Murphy of the Los Angeles Times, is not in the Globe’s online newspaper. The Los Angeles Times story is here.)

On Sunday, he laid out his cards, offering a stark assessment of the problems U.S. and allied forces face — and a dark prediction of what would happen if Afghanistan’s “cancer” was allowed to spill into the rest of the world.

There it is. Instead of dominoes toppling, it’s cancer spilling out all over the world. Same old noise, same old stupidity.

Then, not content to shoot himself in the foot, he shoots the entire American effort in the heart.

“I am concerned that many people on this continent may not comprehend the magnitude of the direct threat to European security,” he said, citing at least 10 recent alleged terrorist plots in Europe — many with connections reaching back to South Asia.

Not to put too fine a point on the Secretary’s nonsense, The Lion notes that the terrorist threats against Europe have been broken, not by sending armies to invade and destroy countries and forever alienate Muslims, but by international cooperation in investigative and police work, with military involvement as a last resort.

Of course there are threats. In fact, there’s one whole hell of a lot more of them since the Americans attacked Afghanistan and Iraq with their massive firepower and overwhelming force… okay, not so overwhelming since they’re still being outfoxed by guerillas with rifles and grenades and their own version of smart bombs.

Gates warned that the danger would rapidly multiply with the fall of a moderate government in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq or elsewhere in the Middle East.

“Aside from the chaos that would instantly be sown in the region, success there would beget success on many other fronts as the cancer metastasized further and more rapidly than it already has,” he said. “The task before us is to fracture and destroy this movement in its infancy. . . . Our best opportunity as an alliance to do this is in Afghanistan.”

Moderate government? The Afghan government rules in Kabul and nowhere else. The government of Pakistan is a dictatorship, propped up by the Americans, and not liked by the Pakistanis, particularly the Pakistanis in the frontier regions whom the Americans keep urging the dictator to bomb further back into the Stone Age. And the government of Iraq can hardly be called moderate. It is corrupt, impotent, comprised largely of thugs, and rules little outside of the Green Zone in Baghdad.

As for the ‘chaos’ with which Gates seeks to terrify the Europeans, that’s already been sown by the Americans. It’s too late. That genie is out of the bottle, thanks to the idiocy of George Bush and his crew of neocon nutcases.

If there is cancer in that part of the world, America is the carcinogen.

As for destroying the ‘movement in its infancy’, the Americans are way too late. It is decades old, it’s roots lying not only in Islamic fundamentalism but in decades of decisions made by arrogant white men running the American government in Washington.

And what if the Americans succeed in killing every member of the Taliban in Afghanistan? Then what? No one but a complete fool would believe that there will not rise another movement, another Taliban, another cancer, if you will, that will direct its wrath and skills at the Americans. And whoever chooses to fight with the Americans.

It’s easy to forget that this was was initiated by the Americans. The actions in Afghanistan may or may not have been warranted or useful, but they have proven to be counterproductive. The invasion and occupation of Iraq was unwarranted, illegal, immoral, and is little more than an exercise of the personal vanity of George W. Bush.

Gates  apparently does forget that.

But he said, “Some allies ought not to have the luxury of opting only for stability and civilian operations, thus forcing other allies to bear a disproportionate share of the fighting and the dying.”

The Europeans know better. They’ve been there before, in the Middle East, in North Africa, in Vietnam, in colonies around the world. To try to guilt trip them into sending their citizens to die in a vain and useless war shows the ignorance, arrogance, and sheer stupidity of the Americans.

If the Americans want to eat their own young, empty their treasury and let their country slide into ruin, and create implacable enemies around the world for generations, then that is the Americans’ business. And that is the real cancer that is spreading around the world, destroying peace and the chance of peace, that is the American cancer.


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