Bye Bye Mitt! So Not Sad To See You Go…

The Lion noticed that Willard Mitt ‘The Mitten’ Romney is getting out of the business of buying the Presidency.

The Lion commends the move. After all, The Lion can only sustain so much heartache and worry that the Sons of Romney might be denied the inheritance and the mansions and all the other trappings of wealth that would be eaten up by their father’s perverse pursuit of presidential power that would allow the man to extend his hypocrisy to the entire world.

Among things that should not be forgotten is that this guru of free markets and no taxes is the same guy who begged the Federal government for $1.3 billion dollars to bail out the Olympics that he promised to save. That’s apparently his idea of not taxing the people.

Anyway, The Lion is grateful that he won’t have The Mitten to kick around anymore, because, frankly, the man is boring and has been a pathetically easy target for fangs and claws.

So, bye-bye and fangs for the memories, Mittsie.

14 Responses

  1. So how do you suppose that make the voters of Utah feel? After all, they voted 90% for Romney.


  2. Like Chappie said, sheeple. Or perhaps a better term for them would be Mormples. They’ve obviously made groupthink the default position and have given up thinking for themselves as individuals. To hell with them.


  3. So, it’s down to McCain and the Huckster. The guy who has the best chance of winning the election is reviled by many within his own party. Meanwhile, the guy who can carry the wingnuts is the one who is more likely to go down in flames in the election. This could become interesting.


  4. McCain will get the nomination. The Dems need to pound on his one hundred year war remark. The Republicans will rally round McCain because he’ll be all they have and they’re afraid of losing power.

    I hope the Dems crush them, just utterly crush them, before they can do more damage.


  5. I’m so glad Mr. haircut is gone. Now we have to (I agree with Ric) make sure that everyone knows McCain has no idea about anthing to do with the economy and that he wants to stay for 100 years in Iraq, bomb Iran and probably institute the draft immediately. Boy, what a delightful President he would be! Not!!


  6. Ric said: The Republicans will rally round McCain because he’ll be all they have and they’re afraid of losing power.

    True, but how do you get the religious right out and into the voting booth for a guy who has supported reproductive rights? While the wingnuts can’t win any election on their own, they can be a deciding factor for someone else if they get behind him (it would NEVER be a “her” in there case). If they sit out he loses. If some conventional Republicans sit out because of all the venom spewed by “heroes” Coulter and Limbaugh, he loses bigger.

    Did I actually see a comment by (((Billy))) that was left here without parenthetical aid?


  7. John Evo said, “Did I actually see a comment by (((Billy))) that was left here without parenthetical aid?”

    Rumor has it that he has a limited supply and he’s saving them to use at his new blog.


  8. I’d be happy if the wingnuts stayed home and threw the election to the Democrats. And if they do come out for him, grudgingly no doubt, and start flinging around some of their nonsense, they’ll likely guarantee a Democratic win.

    Tom Delay, the bug hunter, was on Chris Matthews last hour, and stood there and denied every which way he could that climate change was real. There’s no evidence, no science behind the claims, says the ex-exterminator (sorry Ex, no offense meant). And of course there should be a gun in every pocket. What the hell, bring these people on to support McCain. Let them speak. I believe the country has had enough of this nonsense. Sure the deadenders will vote for the Delay wing of the wingnut party, but I think the more the wingers speak, the deeper the Republican party will be buried.

    If we’re really lucky the chance of an idiot like Delay holding a position of power in this country again will not happen for a couple of generations.

    And if we’re really unlucky, I will have to find a way to pack the cats and the books and get the fuck out of this asylum that used to be the United States of America.


  9. Billy has been given a special dispensation by The Lion to deparenthesize whenever he likes. All those ((()))s must be tough on the typing fingers.


  10. You have one huge thorn in your paw probably more.That’s my theory anyway and I’m going to help you out. The 1.3 billion was pre-Mitt. It showed the debacle that is the Olympics. Ironically the Congressional report scathing the pork spending was penned by Sen. John McCain.


  11. Fray –

    Either you or the Globe is wrong. According to the Globe writeup on Romney, he initiated the request for the money.

    Being a kind and gentle sort, I’ll leave that for you and the Globe to argue about. 🙂


  12. Fray –

    Sorry, I don’t have the reference for the Globe article. It was, I believe, out at the same time he dropped out of the race. I was just so happy to see the twit go that I neglected to note the URL of the story.


  13. In an effort to rise above those that don’t admit when they’re wrong.I had originally found a link stating the earmarks were pre Mitt’s hiring. I have found two links now showing the correct timeline. You’re right.


  14. fray –

    I had the great fortune to read an accurate story. 🙂


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