Torture Is Torture, Not A Simulation. Whassamatta These Bush Whores In The Press?

In an article this morning from the Washington Post by Walter Pincus, the denial of the obvious once again becomes apparent at the hands of the press, which continues to enable the evils of the Bush administration.

The article is primarily about Pakistan and the threats to its stability from the Taliban and Al Qaeda. It does not, of course, mention that the current instability in the region has everything to do with the Bush administration’s illegal war and Bush’s incompetence.

But here’s an example of the guts of the problem:

At the same hearing, focused on threats to US interests around the globe, CIA Director General Michael Hayden publicly confirmed for the first time that the agency’s interrogators had used a simulated drowning technique known as waterboarding on a total of three Al Qaeda detainees in 2002 and 2003.

Did ya get the key phrase? “…a simulated drowning technique known as waterboarding…”

Waterboarding has been considered torture, legally and morally and ethically and every which way it can be considered, for five hundred years. It is illegal under the Geneva Conventions, under United States law. It is torture. It is not ‘simulated’ drowning. It is drowning. The water goes into your lungs. You not only feel you are drowning, you are in fact drowning.

And there’s Pincus and the editors of the Post trying their damndest to pretend that the United States doesn’t use torture, by pretending that it’s actually only simulated torture, not the real thing.

Let’s remember, if or when the world puts Bush and his pals in the dock for war crimes, to include Mr. Pincus and the editors of the Post, as well as the editors and publishers of several other newspapers and their reporters, up there in the dock with Bush.  These people are just as depraved as Hayden and Bush and Cheney.

The United States tortures people.

We knew it, and Hayden admitted it.

The country’s leaders are incompetent and sick enough to believe torture is a good thing. The United States no longer can claim leadership of the free world. The so-called free world, imperfect as it is, for the most part tries to live in the light of reason and rational thought, facts and evidence gleaned from reality, while the United States under Republican leadership slides headlong into darkness and depravity and insanity. And the free world is finally beginning to come to its senses about the United States and shows signs of rejecting the Bush Administration and its destructive, chaotic, illegal, and immoral policies.

Now if only the American people would take a stand… Of course if Pincus and the editors of the Post continue to equivocate and propagandize, the American people can kiss their democracy goodbye.

Late note:

Tony Fratto, White House spokestorturer, on waterboarding and the Administration’s decision to suddenly go public about it and admit they did it:

“And so the consensus was that on this one particular technique that these officials would have the opportunity to address them — in not just a public setting, but in a setting in front of members of Congress, and to be very clear about how those techniques were used and what the benefits were of them.”

Fratto said CIA interrogators could use waterboarding again, but would need the president’s approval to do so. That approval would “depend on the circumstances,” with one important factor being “belief that an attack might be imminent,” Fratto said.

See more here at TalkingPointsMemo.

These people have the conscience and morality of serial killers and mass murderers.



2 Responses

  1. I think the thing I despise most about the Bush administration is its gross immorality. It’s a wonder that anyone in the world trusts the USA at all. Bush & Co. have done everything in their power to betray others’ trust and isolate the USA from the rest of the world. What a bunch of moronic losers.


  2. For the next 20 years, every time an American makes any comment about human rights abuses in other countries, the world will (with good reason) laugh at American hypocrisy.


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