Feeling Complacent? Feeling All Toasty And Nice And Comfy?

Probably a better idea to stock up on MREs and hip boots. Physics waits on no species.



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  1. Your talent for spreading good cheer knows no bounds.


  2. Hey, I’m a goddam Lion, not some wussy little hamster! Whassamatta you?!


  3. Ric – Off topic… but just wanted to let you know it’s SAFE for you over at Spangy’s place. Check it out. You’ll thank me. And him. It’s Lion-Friendly.


  4. OK… back on topic.

    Most and probably all of the nine scenarios are likely to be irreversible on a human timescale once they pass a certain threshold of change

    Understand what is meant here by “on the human time scale”. Most of these scenarios call for changes that might (or might not) reverse themselves in 10 or 20 thousand years. Yikes.


  5. Evo –

    I visited Spanqi. I’m so happy he saw the light.

    As for the climate, it’s simple. We’re toast. No butter, no jam, just dry toast. Stupid human tricks.


  6. That’s really depressing. I guess that fire and ice will split the difference and our culture will suffer as fire melts ice.

    I bet dollars to donuts, though, that the 28%ers will find a way to blame envionmentalists and liberals when Miami Beach moves 20 miles inland. Rewriting history has become a major right-wing growth industry.


  7. …except that there likely won’t be any land 20 miles inland for MB to move to. More likely it will have to move to central Georgia, somewhere in the hills.


  8. Don’t worry, the Army Corps of Engineers will spend billions trying to keep the ocean where it is. Don’t believe me? They’re already trying to keep barrier islands from moving, and the Mississippi River from meandering. Keeping the ocean in the right place should keep them spending for the next fifty years.


  9. I thought of something last night while talking with my wife. If Bush gets his way, and the whole Middle East goes up in a massive war (with thermonuclear weapons (leading to nuclear winter)), won’t that solve anthropormorphic global warming?

    AGE + NW = stability

    If Cheney ever gets that idea, we are truly screwed. Not that were not already screwed.


  10. Nah. The moron humans will just turn up the thermostats or burn wood to get warm in the nuke winter. But on the other hand maybe enough will be dead that things will balance out. It won’t matter in any event. We’re screwed no matter what because as a species we’re too stupid to a) recognize a real threat b) do anything about it. Ergo, c) everybody dies, their bodies decompose and dump more carbon into the system, and finally the earth simply melts, leaving a gap between Venus and Mars, which destabilizes the entire solar system, leading to the destruction of the inner planets, sending the sun careening into other stars, setting up a chain reaction that ultimately destroys the entire galaxy. And some guy in the nearby Andromda galaxy will see all this and say to his wife, “Stupid humans!”

    Admit it, you know I’m right.


  11. Damn. Feeling cheerful today, aren’t we?


  12. Yeah. What about it? You got a problem with that, huh?

    Who’s the guy on the rope?


  13. I was waiting for someone to ask. Death Valley Elementary School had an annual field trip to Mosaic Canyon where all the kids (k-6 (which meant about 30, maybe 35 students)) went rappelling under the auspices of the Death Valley Search and Rescue Team. Circa 1971 (I was 5).


  14. That’s me on the rope.


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