Monday Morning Quarterquickies

The Super Bowl… Foxed!

The Lion noticed this morning that the Giants beat the Patriots last night. In fact, last night The Lion noticed that the Giants were drubbing the Patriots in virtually every aspect of the game. And doing so rather handily, like a gang of muggers beating up an old lady.

The Lion, with no smugness intended, thought the game might be close with the Giants coming out the winner. They were close to doing it in the regular season game the teams played.

But The Lion stopped watching the game at the beginning of the fourth quarter. He couldn’t stand it anymore. Oh, not the drubbing, not the glazed look in Tom Brady’s eyes. After all, it’s football.

Last night wasn’t about football, wasn’t about the arguably two best teams playing for a championship. Nope. Not on the Fox network.

For Fox it was all about the commercials. Not only did they continue their fine tradition of cramming commercials into every single available second, they also did promos advertising that if the viewer missed some of the commercials he could go to a website and watch them.

As a result, the game had no flow, no continuity. It’s watchability factor was down around five on a scale of a hundred. The NFL should be ashamed of itself. Fox… well, Fox sucks around the clock in any event. Fox has no shame. Just greed.

And The Lion was naive enough to think he’d get to watch a great football game. Stupid Lion. Bad Lion. Idiot Lion. Watch Lion kill Fox. Get remote. Remove channel. Yowsah!

Bush’s Legacy, Bush’s Legacy, Oh Oh Oh!

The Lion just loves the way the pundits and the press are falling all over themselves blithering about George Bush’s legacy. Day after day, these people run stories and their mouths about the little jerk’s legacy.

Nothing about the destruction he’s visited on the present and planted for the future. Just reams of blather about how the future will view him.

Fuck how the future views this psychopath. If there is justice the future will view him in a cage, along with the gang of war criminals and incompetent frauds he brought into the government.

He’s killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people for no good reason other than bloodlust, abetted by stupidity and incompetence. And the Americans who think the scales aren’t balanced yet haven’t passed the simple math test that says 3,000 doesn’t equal several hundred thousand. Americans who cannot see the stupidity and ugliness of what this country has done in Iraq and Afghanistan are a bloody-minded, stupid people.

Bush’s legacy can be pretty much summed up in his latest budget proposal. Cut $200 billion from Medicare and Medicaid, programs that help the least of us, and increase the budget of the Defense Department, a wasteland of financial incompetence and fraud, while not including money for his wars in the budget. Those get done off the books, because we can’t have people thinking that they actually cost anything and that they just might be bleeding this country dry (which would be a rough justice). And let’s not forget cutting the taxes on the rich, who have been getting a free ride from Bush and the Republicans, a free ride on the backs of working Americans.

Bush’s legacy will be to turn the United States into a third world beggar nation. But the U.S. will have a lot of bombs and guns, created with money borrowed from China, and that will be enough to keep the Republicans and their ilk orgasming in their pants for some years yet.

But of course you won’t hear about that from the pundits and the press. They’re too busy trying to create a legacy for the scrimy little piece of crap. And the so-called legacy will be just as bogus as the one they created for that other craphead, Ronnie Raygun.

Hillary Clinton On How To Lose The Nomination And Aid The Republicans…

The Lion thinks it’s nice that the Democratic candidates are finally talking about universal health care, albeit in very very measured tones.

Neither of them is talking about it realistically, because neither of them is willing to act to cut out the biggest promulgators of waste and fraud and greed, the insurance companies.

Instead, the plans all involve forcing people to buy insurance policies from private companies, thus siphoning off a large percentage of the money into the pockets of insurance company executives, already overpaid and undertalented by any stretch of the imagination. No, wait, that’s not quite right. They are very talented. Their talent consists of ripping off policyholders, and of finding new and sneaky ways of denying policyholders the benefits they paid for.

But Hillary really screwed up in an interview on ABC. She said the magic words about how to get people to pay for insurance. She said the phrase “going after people’s wages”.

Good move, Hill. Ranks right up there with Walter Mondale’s nomination acceptance speech opening with the words “We will raise taxes.” That election ended right then and there.

The Republicans don’t want anyone to have healthcare or health insurance unless they can afford it, which most people can’t – except, of course, the wealthy Republicans who benefited from Republican tax cuts.

The Democrats want everyone to have healthcare, which is the norm in virtually every industrialized Western nation, except the United States.

And here’s little Hillary Clinton, single-mouthedly destroying any chance of getting Americans to support universal healthcare. She’s created, in a single phrase, in a single instant, what will become an implacable, irrefutable image of the Democrats raiding working people’s paychecks, using the force of the Federal government to take hard-earned money to give to insurance companies.

The Republicans will replay that remark over and over. No matter what she says from now on, she’ll be buried under that remark, and there is nothing she can say to recover from it. She just handed the nomination to Senator Obama, who, The Lion notes, hasn’t indicated that he will cut the thieving insurance companies out of the picture.

The Lion thinks we can probably forget about a rational, effective, and efficient universal healthcare plan in the United States for at least another generation.

Besides, even if someone developed one, the country will be too busy paying for the waste and fraud and incompetence and bloodlust of George Bush’s Republicans for a couple of generations, if not longer. The country won’t be able to afford universal healthcare, and that makes Bush and the Republicans quite happy, because that was their plan in the first place.

And Senator Clinton just gave their plans a big boost.


16 Responses

  1. Super Bowl angst…I’m more funked over the loss but the commercials were bad.Bush legacy,no comment. Hill. She spoke the truth a truth everyone knew was there .


  2. Never mind the loss. They’ll do it again next year… 18 – 0 going into the Super Bowl. Hopefully not on Fox. On the other hand, it may be the Giants that do the 18 – 0 next year. Of course the 12 – 4 Patriots will beat them in the Bowl… πŸ™‚ Don’t know if you noticed, but during the season Fox seemed to be the worst network on cramming in the commercials in NFL games. I really hope they don’t have the contract for next year.

    There’s a big difference between raiding people’s paychecks, and establishing a central single-payer healthcare system that eliminates the middlemen and the profit motive, that lets the doctor decide the patient’s needs and treatments, that is not devoted to denying care but instead to providing care reasonably and rationally, that uses the government’s power to negotiate prices with healthcare and drug providers, that provides care equitably and uses one set of standards, rather than dozens.

    No system is going to be perfect, but the one we have now fails to deliver reasonable and equitable health care. It’s very good at delivering profits to insurance companies. It’s an odd country that engages in fiscally disastrous policies in order to run useless wars, but refuses to provide for its own citizens a basic necessity for a healthy and productive life, and in fact allows business and industry to make itself less competitive in the so-called world marketplace.

    Taxes for healthcare. Taxes for education. Taxes for infrastructure. Taxes to redistribute wealth in ways that create a productive, informed, healthy country. Really evil thought, eh? Unfortunately Americans would apparently rather spend their money on useless wars and corporate welfare and bailing out excecutives who commit fraud and who cheat people out of their money.


  3. The Lion said:Unfortunately Americans would apparently rather spend their money on useless wars and corporate welfare and bailing out executives who commit fraud and who cheat people out of their money.

    This rests on a premise that I find hard to accept – that Americans have any idea what the government does with their money. We are a nation of sheeple: stupid and easily led astray.


  4. Perhaps I’m being hasty in assuming that just because the information is in the paper everyday and on the news everyday that they know that the gummint wants $150 billion to bail out the mortgage cheats; $3 billion a week to fight pointless, destructive wars in the Middle East, and wants to cut Medicare and Medicaid by $200 billion to pay for the above stupidities.

    Maybe, as products of the American educational system, they simply can’t read.

    Sheeple are good eaten raw and warm, or fried in a little oil, or roasted in a hot oven. It says so right there in The Lion Eats Tonight cookbook.


  5. Super bowl, super bowel, whatever… πŸ™‚ On the up side, my brother hates American football so it’s not on in my house (hooray!).

    Is Hillary going to lose to Obama?

    I don’t see Hillary losing to McCain, I’m just wondering who would be worse on foreign policy.

    I think Democrats should be very cautious about health care reform, we’ve found large investment has failed to deliver results, now the health service is an albatross around the neck of the government.


  6. Fox sucks but it’s not all their fault. The SB has become a media monster and a circus and ever since we caught a glimpse of nipple, we haven’t had anything remotely watchable at halftime and probably won’t for years to come. Tom Petty? Are you kidding me?

    Bush’s legacy better be as a cautionary tale, one that is taught for generations long after our passing.

    Healthcare. I don’t even want to think about it. The issue simply makes my head ache, and then I’d have to see a doctor, but one in my plan’s network, but I can’t spare the copay at the moment nor any medication, and if I need to see a specialist about it or take some special test I have to put in a request to some suit in an office somewhere who will weigh the cost of such “needs” and then decide the future of my health based on that. Ow….


  7. Steph –

    I much prefer soccer and rugby. No commercials, continuous action. Your brother demonstrates good taste in his dislike.

    I’d like to see Obama get in. I don’t want more of the Clinton wars with the rightwingnuts.

    McCain would be the worst. He can’t see past his time in a Vietnamese lockup. A hundred years of war? That’s his plan? The man’s insane. The military will never end the motives of terrorists – the military can only perpetuate terrorism.

    Any universal health care plan will present challenges. A well-run one (a key concept!) must be better than what exists here now. People should not have to live in fear of getting sick and losing their homes and their savings. The American healthcare system is an elephant around the neck of Americans.

    Damn, no kisses?! I’m bereft.



  8. Philly –

    You actually saw the nipple? I suspect that makes you one of three people who actually saw it. Never in the history of mankind has one unseen feminine nipple caused such consternation and so much stupidity. “Omigod, a nipple! Hide your eyes, cover your faces! The heavens will fall.” What a bunch of dolts.

    As for Fox, unless I’m seriously mistaken, they do the same thing during the regular season – cramming commercials into every available second. I usually refuse to watch the NFL because it’s … well, it’s unwatchable as a sporting event. I made the supreme effort this season because it looked to be shaping up as something historic for the ‘local team’, but it was tough to do. I’m not good at handling frustration, and the NFL on television is nothing but frustration, marred occasionally by a football play.


  9. Whoever the Democratic nominee is, he or she will find a multitude of ways to shoot himself/herself in the foot. These days, that’s the only thing the party can be depended on to do effectively.


  10. Being a Chiefs fan, I’m thankfully spared Fox football coverage for the most part. CBS is far more sedate, and broadcasts in proper HD, not that pseudo HD Fox cheaps out with. Commercial breaks during football are still too frequent.
    Score – commercial
    PAT – commercial
    Kickoff – commercial
    From the time one team scores a TD to the other offense’s 1st down, maybe :20 of game time elapsed, but at least 10 minutes of real time have come and gone.

    You know if you get the NFL ticket they show replays of the games during the week, but they cut out all the breaks. Total time – 30 min.


  11. And actual play time during a three hour NFL game… about fifteen minutes.


  12. Ex –

    Foot shooting may become an Olympic event. All Democrats are eligible.


  13. I’m a proper girl, I can’t stand rugby or football either (except when the Azzurri play πŸ™‚ ) – the men in my family have been West Ham fans for six generations now! Who knows in another six generations, they might actually win something πŸ˜‰ I like watching the boxing.

    I agree with free health care to a degree but it’s just not sensible that I should get free health check ups, when I can afford to pay for my doctors appointments. Of health care service is been a bottomless pit, and the more money the government has thrown at it (and Blair’s government really did throw money at it) the worse it has become. It’s no longer safe to go into hospital.

    I agree America needs health care free at the point of use but you don’t want a totally free health care system like we’ve got.

    X x X x X x X x


  14. Ah, I feel much better now. It’s amazing what a few fantasy kisses will do for a grumpy lion.

    I love watching the Azzuri play, but only get to see them maybe twice a year if I’m lucky. Boxing I can take or leave. Two really good fighters, that’s interesting. The usual stuff, not interesting.

    For health care I think you should pay what you can, but you shouldn’t be denied care for any reason nor should you have to face bankruptcy or loss of home and savings. You shouldn’t have to choose between paying the doctor or buying food and heating your home. The leading cause of personal bankruptcy in this country is medical care. That’s very wrong.

    And right back at ya – XXxxXXxxXX


  15. I think Clinton is worse than McCain, he will face minimal cooperation in Europe and his bomb Iran remarks will haunt him. Clinton has a lot of friends in Europe and will want to prove that having a pussy doesn’t make her one.


  16. I suspect neither one of them will be good for the country or the world. I’ve never trusted McCain since I first heard of him in connection with the savings and loan scandal a few years back. And his bomb bomb bomb Iran remark won’t haunt him – these guys never take responsibility for their actions or words – but it will probably haunt the rest of us for generations to come. Clinton’s got too much baggage, courtesy of the right wing fanatics. We don’t need eight years of that polarizing hatred, not again, and yeah, I think you’re right, she’ll try to prove she’s as tough as the guys – not noticing that the tough guys are pretty much incompetent and juvenile.


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