Economic Stimulus Proposal Gets Funnier And Funnier As America Starts To Burn

The headline about the Federal tax rebates in the Globe today reads “Stimulus package swells in Senate“. The Lion suggests that the Senators have always overstated their packages.

Be that as it may, this one has taken a decidedly Republican cast. The leading cast member is Republican Senator Chuckie Grassley of Iowa. Remember the Chuckie movies? This Chuckie doesn’t have near as much charisma and charm. He is ably enabled by the Democratic lead, Senator Max Baucus of Montana, who, predictably, since he is a Democrat, caved in to Republican demands.

The original plan, as envisioned by that man of immense vision living in the White Castle at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, was to hand out $600 to individuals making $75,000 or less, and $1200 to families making $150,000 or less. With a bounty of $300 for each kid too. And naturally businesses would get some incentives to tool up and invest in the coming bonanza, though nothing is said about what they will do with their investments when the money is spent and the country is right back where the mess started.

That wasn’t good enough for the Republicans.

Baucus originally proposed to let even the richest taxpayers share in the rebates, saying that would attract Republican support for his measure. Grassley said that lifting what some Republicans deemed “suffocating income limits” in the House plan was a key reason he was backing the bill.

Suffocating income limits?

Baucus popped the limits to $150,000 to $300,000. But showing that he has a conscience, Baucus’s bill expressly forbids members of Congress from getting any of the loot. Boy, those Democrats are really considerate of the feelings of the working class, eh?

What in hell does someone making 150 grand need with a few hundred more dollars? For that matter why does someone making 75 grand need a rebate of a few hundred bucks?

Working people are doing without, are struggling to pay gasoline and heating bills, are losing their homes, can’t get good, if any, medical care. Poor people are doing without heat, food, and medical care. But Republican contributors just get richer and richer.

And these pucker-faced Republicans like Grassley want to make sure the well-off contributors to their campaigns get to suck up the bucks. And never mind the bullcrap about the money being a rebate of their own money. Society is crumbling but the well-off have no responsibility to contribute to preventing that?

This bill is just more trickle-down nonsense from the Republicans. And Republican trickle is corroding everything it touches, from collapsing bridges, deteriorating highways, education – the entire social compact is being eaten away by the greed and ideological blindness of these people.

The capper to this whole mess comes in the last paragraph:

Some Republicans criticized the package, saying that only a permanent tax cut would stimulate the economy.

That’s the Republican answer to everything.

Bridges falling down? Roads crumbling?

Cut taxes and spend money on a war.

Rich people complaining about paying taxes?

Cut taxes, spend money on a war, give the rich a free ride.

Health care collapsing? People can’t get care?

Cut taxes, spend money on a war, give the insurance companies free reign to steal from the people.

Military falling apart?

Cut taxes, spend money on a war, start another war, blame the generals.

Economy crashing?

Cut taxes, borrow money, spend it on a war.

Wealthy financial firms commit fraud, act incompetently, threaten the world’s economy because of their greed?

Cut taxes, spend money on a war, borrow some more and bail out the wealthy CEOs.

Children falling behind in education?

Cut taxes, spend money on a war, tell the states to spend money on bogus educational programs.

That’s the Republican way. Cut taxes, create wars, and borrow money to pay for the free ride the rich people get from Republican politicians. Crush the poor, crush the unions, crush the workers. Debilitate the judiciary. Blame the resulting mess on the blacks, the Jews, the Muslims, the French, the Russians, the Liberals, the Progressives, the Democrats. And never, ever take responsibility for the disasters created and fostered by Republicans.

The Lion can smell those gated communities on the hills of America starting to burn.


7 Responses

  1. Guess who gets screwed by this bill? The middle class – again. Not that I’m surprised by that or anything. đŸ˜¦

    The proposed change cuts our family’s benefit in half by realigning us downward with the 75K benefits. Thanks a bundle, Chuckie!


  2. I’m for tax cuts across the boards: for the poor, rich, middle class, dogs, cats, guppies, weeds, and edible fungi. No matter how much or how little money the government has, it will spend that money on exactly the wrong things. If it had only two dollars in the treasury, it would borrow another one from China and spend the three bucks on a study entitled: “What To Do If You Have Two Dollars — and How To Get Halliburton Involved.”


  3. I object to tax cuts for fungi, edible or not. They never bathe, they smell, they don’t work for a living, they don’t speak English, and they use up valuable resources…

    Hey, wait, who let the Conservative in here??!?


  4. I keep hearing about small business incentives. Really? Where? No one is giving me any incentives other than to move to another country. Is that what they meant? Fuckers. Anyway, you can’t get smaller than my business, with it’s one employee, me. The dog helps, but seriously she takes some long breaks.


  5. Do you think government has enough money and just misspends it or is government being denied revenue ?


  6. In the case of the current government, a) the money is being misspent on wars and corruption and b) the government is being denied revenue by the government itself because of massive tax cuts. The government cuts taxes and spends like the proverbial drunken sailor, then borrows money to pay the bills. Not exactly prudent fiscal management. It’s the train wreck school of finance. Try not to be standing near the tracks when it wrecks.

    And where is the proverb about the drunken sailor anyway? Does anyone know?


  7. The headline about the Federal tax rebates in the Globe today reads “Stimulus package swells in Senate“. The Lion suggests that the Senators have always overstated their packages.

    I just wanted to put that up again, because it’s so damn funny!

    But I DO actually think Hillary’s is for real.


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