In-Depth Commentary On The State Of The Union Address By President George W. Bush










Deep enough for ya?


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  1. Look at the bright side: in less than a year we’ll be able to shout “Good riddance” at his backside.


  2. I still can’t figure out how a measly 150 billion is going to make a serious dent in the multi-trillion dollar train wreck of a US economy.

    I had a college professor (I had to take one economics course) and this guy said that a tax INCREASE of, say 1% on the top 5% of the economic heap would have more of a positive impact than a 5% tax cut for everyone AS LONG AS the additional funds were spent immediately on infrastructure projects. Not that that would happen (either one), but its a neat idea.

    I did not watch the state of the union address. Although I do need to get a new TV, I didn’t want to vacuum up the glass after throwing something through the screen of my current one.


  3. Billy –

    I try to never watch or listen to him. The revulsion I feel towards him and his enablers is overpowering.

    The money won’t do squat. If they used it to hire and train people to work on repairs of infrastructure or some such thing, it might help. As it is, it’s really just welfare for the middle class to be used to bail out the rich.

    Chappie –

    When he leaves office the atmosphere will become really disgusting. All his worshippers and apologists, who have major access to the media, will engulf us in a glut of praise built on distortions and lies. Same thing they did when that disgusting putz Reagan died.


  4. Yep, and your analysis is spot on in my view.


  5. They will have major access to the media, because they will all start working for lobbyists whose sole purpose is to undermine that which a properly representative government does- govern according to the best interests of the governed, not the clients of the lobbyists .

    I didn’t need to watch the speech to know what it was.

    And I just wonder how many people will vote in November based on the bribe they receive in June.


  6. Ric.Nice imagery for the analysis. Sharp.
    CCC ,NRW and WPA you romantic you. Or perhaps a new CETA. I doubt it would help and I further doubt entities like the unions would allow it. The rebate money is yours you know ?
    Do you really think there is going to be a mad rush to cleanse the Dubya’s image ? If anything I think all (both ?) sides will have one thing in common post Bush. Blaming him for things he did and didn’t do and for everything they fail at too.


  7. fray –

    Watch that, sonny! I spent a year in CETA, you young whippersnapper!

    Oh, yeah, they’ll clean him up, just like his daddy bailed out his gang of criminals by pardoning everyone, the son will do the same, nobody will talk, and we’ll hear what a great man the little piece of crap was.


  8. OK, I give up. It must be some kind of an in-joke.

    What does “bulls hit” mean?


  9. It means when he leaves the White House for the last time a two-two bull will fall from the sky and hit him. Not a difficult concept, Ex. Unless your browser isn’t parsing right and stuck a space in there.


  10. My mind is trying to picture a ‘two-two bull.’ All I can come up with is the dancing hippos from Fantasia, but bulls instead of hippos. Although a bull in a tutu landing on the current resident of the White House does have a certain poetic justice.


  11. Obviously it’s a bull wearing a tutu. Of course that was my intent. I just didn’t want to be obvious.

    (I have to learn to not type when my eyes are twitching…)

    Don’t tell anyone but I’m dying to know Ex’s response…


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