Quickies Before Lunch…

On the economy and the recession…

The clever ones among The Lion’s readers will have noticed yesterday’s long post on the economy and the recession bearing down on us.

The cleverer ones might have noticed that The Lion missed a key concept. The Lion accepts your forgiveness for his sloppiness. Sometimes cynicism blinds one to the truth.

Does anyone think that just possibly our dear friend The President could be pushing money to the masses, not for the stated purpose of averting a recession, but for the usual purpose of skewing the November elections?

Consider that the money will arrive, if the Senate goes along with the Bush Push, in May, or thereabouts. Spending will occur pretty quickly, if the money doesn’t go to Bush’s base of money-grubbers, so by the time November rolls around the Democrats will have spent a goodly amount of time explaining why the sudden burst in the economy is nothing but a puppet show in a puppet theatre about to go up in flames. The Republicans will crow about how they saved the country, conveniently ignoring that the reason the country is in its latest in a long line of Republican catastrophes is because the Republicans screwed up massively. Again.

And the people, bless their nescient little hearts, will have no idea what’s going on. Bread and circuses, bread and circuses. Gets them every time.

Romney pledges to give U.S. the business…

Lately Willard ‘The Mitten’ Romney has been promising to use his vast experience in the business world to save the United States from its own government, apparently by treating government as if it were a business.

The Lion notes some flaws in the Mitten’s argument.

One is that the government is not a business. It does not exist to generate a profit and answer to shareholders. Unless one wishes to argue that the Republican’s wealthy friends are indeed shareholders in the government, since they seem to own much of it, along with owning the vast majority of Republican politicians, and that the Republican government does indeed answer to them rather than to the people.

Another is that the Mitten’s experience largely consisted of buying companies, stripping them of employees, trashing the employees, and selling what’s left to line his pockets with cash.

If the Mitten applies that sort of thinking to the government, then we can expect to see the sick, the poor, the lame, the halt, and that whole crew out on the street looking for a cardboard box to sleep in, or a bridge to sleep under, if they can elbow aside the military veterans already there.

After all, those kinds of people don’t really contribute anything to the bottom line, do they? And the Mitten and his ilk are all about the bottom line.

A legitimate government is a compact among all the people to provide for all the people the opportunity to live in freedom and dignity. That’s not business. And that’s not the Republican way.

George doesn’t look back…

The Lion noticed somewhere in the paper today a comment that George Bush doesn’t like to look back, in the sense that he’s a forward-looking person.

Of course he doesn’t look back. What’s to see? The seeds of a crashing economy. A brutal, illegal war in which he is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths. The brutal incompetence visited on the Gulf Coast by his deadly and deliberate destruction of FEMA before Katrina and Rita. The politicization of the Justice Department and its destruction as a legitimate and effective instrument of law. The crippling of department after department in the government by putting the regulated in charge of regulating. The wanton destruction of the environment. And so on and so forth.

The Lion suggests that perhaps our nescient President doesn’t look back because he’s afraid he might see the posse building up to hunt him and drag him off to a richly deserved jail cell. A padded cell, no doubt. Not too far from the gallows.

Team player? Not this Lion…

The Lion noted in the local rag that a selectman, while interviewing a candidate for a position on a town board or committee, asked if the fellow was a ‘team player’. Apparently none of the other candidates were asked about their proclivity for teaminess.

Once upon a time, when The Lion was engaged in the world of work and other people, he interviewed for a job in a local management consulting firm, one with an international reputation. The boss put the question to The Lion, who immediately responded, “No, no way. I come in, I do the work the best I can, whatever it takes, I get the money, I go home,” got the job. Smart boss!

Once the ‘team’ concept is woven into a business, the door is open to all kinds of chicanery. If you don’t go along with the team in all things, and after playing on the team for some length of time one will go along with just about anything, then one is always vulnerable to the threat of being shunned, if not disemployed.

A team is little more than a small mob, albeit more disciplined.

Work together towards a goal, sure. Join the ‘team’? No. And team play in government creates the worst of the mob mentality, as is evident from the current government of the United States. The constant reinforcement among team members of destructive, if not outright stupid, and illegal actions and policies has got the country into the slimy pit of sleaze it occupies with pride today.

As for our erstwhile selectman, he presides over a town government that is known for its ‘go along to get along’ mentality. Not too many dissident voices down there at town hall. The Lion would feel much better if they were fighting tooth and nail all the time on the important issues, instead of pissing away their political capital on petty personality issues.

(The Lion is still waiting for someone to bring up rising sea levels in a discussion of the half billion dollars the town wants to spend on sewers.)

2 Responses

  1. Well, I’m glad I waited to read this until my supper had digested properly. 🙂

    I don’t want to come across as a sycophant, but I agree with most of what you’ve written. The only thing I may have a quibble with is the team player bit, but I’ll think that over some more. Your warnings about teamwork run amok are certainly apt.

    With regard to the money plan, I can only say, “Tsk, tsk, you naughty boy!” How dare you suggest that the Good Christian President Bush and the Holy Religious Republican Churc- Party would hatch and implement such a nefarious plan!


  2. Sycophancy is always welcome these days! It’s become a new American value.


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