The Lion Wins A Battle With Technology!

Alright! The new machine is turned on and beautiful (The Lion had a girl like that, back when).

Naturally there had to be a hitch, and naturally it had to be with the Internet. Couldn’t connect (hmmmm, that’s a problem with the women these days for The Lion).

However, after half an hour with a Comcast tech we figured out the cable was a little hinky (damn! what was her name…?)

Fixed that and have been immersed in Vista ever since.

The computer is gorgeous. All black and brushed chrome an intense little blue lights. And fast! O my isitfast! (Had a girl like that too.)

And quiet too. The old one was noisy. (Ummmm…. can’t decide.)

The Lion hopes to develop a beautiful relationship with this machine. (Might as well. Can’t get a date.) And of course there’s always the router to look forward to…

17 Responses

  1. ‘Hinky?’ I had now idea ya’ll were from down south.


  2. From the Southern part of the Great North. Actually I did spend all my growing up time until I was twelvish living on and around Air Force bases in the South and Southwest.


  3. Well, I’m glad to hear your sex life is good, but how’re doing with that new computer?

    Just wonderin’…


  4. Doing pretty well, considering it’s a whole new operating system. I just discovered speech recognition. It comes with Vista. I could be in love, or possibly just out of breath.

    Are you still stumbling around in the dark? πŸ™‚


  5. Yes, but when I need a little brightening up, I stop in here.

    Did you say speech recognition? Where’s that?


  6. Glad I could bring a little light into your life.

    Speech recognition is under Accessories/Ease of Access. You can use it for dictation and for command and control (perhaps to invade another country). Works surprisingly well.


  7. I just tried it. It does seem to work. I think I’ll write my book now. Be back in a year.


  8. My reluctance to use voice recognition is: I often find myself shouting at the screen as I work my way around Blogworld. I’m not sure I want my computer to listen to everything I say and then follow these instructions literally:

    Fuck this!
    You jerk-off!
    Eat me!


  9. Spanqi –
    No, no, you’re missing the central concept. You have to get the computer to write the book for you.

    Ex –
    Geez, Ex, sounds like a marriage…

    Except that with speech recognition you can tell the program to go to sleep and it won’t do anything until you tell it to wake up, and then it will do anything you tell it to do.


  10. Ric: Does it have a speech recognition program which handles teenageese? My kids (14 & 17) are, well, I don’t understand what they say. I understand the individual words coming out of their mouths, but when I put the words together it makes no sense. Does Vista have a program to help with this, or would I have to switch to Mac (and grow a ponytail (and give up on scotch and cigars))?


  11. Billy –
    Mac? Surely you jest! My hair is halfway down my back and I run PCs. John Hodgson is my hero.

    As for those occupants of your home, either you’ve had a stroke or they’re normal. Of course you have to consider the caveat, implicit in ‘normal’, that when I was their age people like them would probably have been institutionalized, or hanging out in beat coffeehouses and bars (which pretty much counted as being institutionalized).

    But seriously (okay, I was serious, but this a different kind of serious, a tech sort of serious), the speech recog in Vista is pretty conversational. You just talk like you normally do – normal tone, normal speed. I’ve got Dragon NS for Vista but may not put it on because the Vista version is pretty good.


  12. I hate to sound stoopid, but, who is/was John Hodgson?

    My son’s computer has Vista (we got the internet straightened out and now he can stream the ‘music’ of Fraz Ferdinand and som other noise (and now I sound like my dad)).

    The idea of just talking to the computer sounds so, . . . so, . . . Star Trekkie?

    Have fun. And I do think my kids are normal. After all, the other option is I had a stroke, so . . . .


  13. John Hodgson is the comic fellow on the Mac ads, representing the so-called clunkiness of PCs.

    You realize of course that if you had a stroke you might just be hallucinating that your kids are normal and that you might actually be tethered to a bed in Thule, Greenland.

    ‘Normal’ is Einsteinian, that is, relative to time, place, culture, and mores. One man’s normal is some woman’s idiot husband.


  14. Great. He’s really good. He also is a dead ringer for the professor of history my son is dealing with as he enters college for degrees in secondary ed (social studies), history, and a minor in anthropology (which makes it hard for my wife and I to keep a straight face when talking to him).


  15. Much like the rest of Vista, speech recognition has been a Mac thing for a long time. Here’s what we learned – forgetaboutit. I’ll hold out for thought recognition (oh, Jobs is working on it I’m sure). Until then, I can type, point and click fast enough.

    Billy, you have to lose this weird mental image of Mac users. I mean, I don’t think you all look like Gates or Hodgson.


  16. I’ll suffer along. My ‘obsolete’ OS – XP – can be loaded with Voice Recognition : I didn’t see the point ( though I’ve tried lots of other junk ).
    You do realize BGRS and many other science types think Mac is the only ‘real’ computer to own.
    We are privileged : low price and buggy software.


  17. opit –

    Where’d your blog go? WordPress says they dispossessed you for violating some karmic law.

    You’ve got software for your buggy? Bet the horses aren’t happy about that. πŸ™‚


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