The Lion Challenges Technology, Or Vice Versa…

The Lion has purchased a new computer, a very nice Dell, with bells and whistles, lots of memory, and Vista.

So far, The Lion has managed to hook up all the wires, with very little thanks to the basically crummy Dell documentation, and The Lion has managed to make room on his crowded desk to put the new hardware alongside the old computer, which still runs well, thank you.

The next step will be to plug everything in to the electric outlet feeding the surge suppressor. And then the tricky part – switching the cable modem to the new machine before firing everything up and hoping it all works.

And then dealing with Vista. The Lion invested in a whole thick O’Reilly book to cover anything that might be a thorn in the paw.

And then… hooking up a wired Linksys router so that both machines can talk to the internet, and possibly, if The Lion understands what he’s read so far, talk to each other.

The Lion finds all of this quite anxiety provoking, especially since it’s been six years since he had to go through this ordeal by cable. In keeping with his typical approach to life, The Lion is procrastinating, though for the sake of his reputation he calls it ‘gathering information’.

In any event, The Lion apologizes for not posting his usual enlightening and stunningly provocative posts (the ones with the naked women…), and hopes within a few days to be able to assuage his public’s (the six of you know who you are) addiction.

And does anybody out there know how to hook up a router….?

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9 Responses

  1. Should’ve bought a Mac.


  2. Whom do you want me to hook up the router with?


  3. The router goes in to the modem. 🙂

    Sheeesh… all we need…. something to make the Lion Grumpier.


  4. in2 –
    Too expensive, especially considering the large investment I’ve got in software. But I will concede that the Mac is a very progressive computer… which makes me wonder why you apparently use one! 🙂

    Ex –
    No no no, Ex. That’s ‘With whom do….’ I wonder if I can get routed to England…

    Evo –
    You can’t fool me. I’ve done my research. Some of it anyway. Even a furball like me knows the modem goes into the router. Right? And geez, I’m not grumpy. I’m just exercising my freedom of emotion to trash and eviscerate the idiots who are desecrating everything good that… well, maybe a little grumpy.


  5. No no no, Ex. That’s ‘With whom do….’ I wonder if I can get routed to England…

    Speaking of England:
    Winston Churchill once said Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I cannot put.


  6. He couldn’t put up with Germans either. I wonder, though, if in the Fall he put up vegetables and such from the garden.

    Working from the new computer!


  7. Ex: Love the quote. As all (or some (those who read, anyway (my guest posts and comments (where was I (ah, yes))))) who read my guest posts and comments (that sounds familiar) my have noticed, I will sometimes into knots tie myself to avoid with preposition ending.

    Ric: Have fun with the computer. We got my son a Dell notebook to take to college next fall. We have yet to have reliable internet service (first piggybacking off the wireless router across the street, then using the towns wi-fi system, and now through our cable company) and the Dell people have been very helpful, though not totally successful. The last call they said if the latest fix doesn’t work they will replace the computer. Not bad.


  8. Interesting that Dell seems to be wholly made in China…


  9. My daughter likes Vista : her one year old laptop fizzed so she has a new whizz-toy also.


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