And The First Fangie Goes To…

The Lion did not expect to announce a Fangie award for a while, but today he stumbled on a post he considers worthy. A sample:

If you can’t imagine Hillary Clinton invading Afghanistan and Iraq, then have a look at her voting record. Bill Clinton managed to, needlessly and without provocation, bomb countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. He even bombed a Chinese embassy. If Monica Lewinsky had a heart, she’d have bitten it off. The differences between Clinton and both Bushes as Presidents, was more a difference in style than substance – ideologically, they’re on the same page.

And on the 20th of this month, the Bush-Clinton dynasty will enter its 28th year (George H. W. Bush served two terms as Vice President before being elected President). If Hillary Clinton was elected (God forbid) we would have at least another four years of that dynasty. It’s a surprise that Jeb Bush Jnr hasn’t done his duty and married Chelsea Clinton, and sired a heir and spare.

See the entire post here: Steph’s Blog

The Fangie is awarded to Steph, whose passion and ire match that of The Lion himself. Possibly surpass him. Very high pungency factor.

(The Lion denies completely that the award to Steph is in any way influenced by his mad passion and lust for her. Such rumors will simply not be countenanced. Never met the woman. Don’t know what you’re talking about.)


10 Responses

  1. Nice. Be careful though, that Sicilian passion is intoxicating but also dangerous. 😉


  2. Philly –

    Not to worry. I’m half Sicilian, half Abruzzese. I can take it.

    Of course, the chances of ever meeting her, since she lives in England and Sicily, are about as good as my chances of getting my hands around Bush’s neck. Not to mention I’m just a bit older than her… On the other hand, I did meet Gina Lolobrigida in 1959, at her home outside Rome.


  3. I never get a Stermie or a Fangie. Then again, I’m not “hot”.


  4. Evo –

    Don’t give up yet. The Fang and Claw awards have only just been instituted. There’s always next year…

    And I’m sure someone out there thinks you’re hot. After all, look at those teeth, look at that brow, and those big eyes. But about the nose…


  5. Thanks Ric

    X X X X

    p.s. you’re as old as the girl you’re feeling 😉


  6. Hmmm… in that case I do believe I’d like to be 31! 😉

    And right back at you – XX _ XX _ XX (Those include breathing spaces _ )


  7. tu il bel leone 😉 XXX XX XXX

    Where does your family come from in should Sicily? Mine are from Nissa, that’s where I live when I’m in Sicily.

    btw Good job you’re not dyslexic, you wouldn’t want to get those numbers the wrong way around.


  8. Yeah, 13 is not a good age unless one is 11 and looking for an older woman. 🙂

    The family, near as I can tell from some documents I have, is from Burgio, northwest of Agrigento. That squares with my memory of my aunt saying her parents were from Agrigento.

    Aunt Fran got a genealogy from a relative, but it’s based on memory. Apparently at the time, 1983, the archives of Burgio had not yet recovered from the earthquake in 1968.

    What I’ve got goes back to 1876, to the Savoca family, of whom a son, Giuseppe, “was innocent in jail for 16 years”. Ironically, the information I have was gathered by a cousin, Giuseppe Savoca, from Brooklyn, NY, where the family settled. All the best families have a convict or two in the past. 🙂

    I looked up Nissa on Google maps (Nissa, Sicily), but the results were ambiguous at best. There was a listing for the Nissa FC in Caltanissetta, a couple of others in that area, and one for Via Nissa in Palermo.

    Maybe I should pick up my study of Italian again… after I catch my breath… what’s Italian for ‘you leave me breathless’? 😉 (…something about con il fiato sospeso…)?

    (Never mind the clever remarks from the wise guys around here…)


  9. Sorry, I should have said Caltanissetta, Nissa is what we call Caltanissetta City locally, that’s why the local team is called Nissa FC, also Caltanissetta is the name of the province.

    Yeah, my family had quite a few convicts too, you’ll probably find that a lot of your family were convicts because they were Sicilian separatists.

    “con il fiato sospeso”

    Good enough.

    tu fai il mio cuore correre (you make my heart race 😉 )


  10. Now I’ve really got to get out those Italian programs and books!! To hell with Classical Greek!


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