Falmouth, Massachusetts, To Spend Half Billion On Sewers While Town Drowns

A new climate model that includes the latest data on the acceleration of climate warming predicts that the Arctic ice pack will be gone in five years.

That suggests that the Greenland ice sheet and the Antarctic ice sheets will melt faster than has been accepted up to now.

Here on Cape Cod, in the town of Falmouth, much newsprint in the local rag, the Falmouth Enterprise, has been spent on reporting the initial moves towards a half-billion dollar ($500,000,000) sewer system that’s needed to protect the limited supply of fresh groundwater. Many, many words have been spewed forth by the paper and by the relevant parties.

But not one word about climate warming and sea levels rising.

Given the accelerating rate of warming and melting, The Lion thinks it likely that within twenty years or so the shopping center behind his home, which is a fifteen minute walk from the town’s main beach, Falmouth Heights Beach, will become the new Falmouth Heights Beach.

The other day the wastewater worthies toured a nearby neighborhood, Maravista, as they furthered their research into sewering the area. It’s a flat section extending directly back from the shore for maybe a mile, a few feet above current sea level.

Nary a word about what’s coming when the sea rises.

It’s typical of this town to shut its eyes and brains to the problems it creates for itself. Hell, it’s a habit. But this outdoes all the other boondoggles put together.

A half billion dollars for sewers that will be useless in a few years.

Good plan, Falmouth. Oh, yeah, real good, really well thought out. Just ignore the herd of elephants trampling all over your assumptions.

These are the same people who continually encourage people to visit by the tens of thousands, and to move here, even though traffic is virtually gridlocked during the summer and not a lot better during the winter; even though the water supply is limited and stinks of chlorine and rushes through 35 miles of carcinogenic mains; and even though taxes and rents and home prices are increasingly unaffordable for working people.

But when they talk about sewering everything, they talk about protecting property values and the quality of life. When the water comes, and it will, all that precious property won’t be worth a pile of minnow dung. Of course by then the usual gangs of felons will have sucked up their millions from the project and moved on to higher ground.

The Lion expects the town fathers, for whom, admittedly, The Lion has little respect, will soon pull from the woodwork the local climate change deniers, as well as some quotes from the national and international deniers, and ignore the tens of thousands of legitimate scientists who actually know what they’re talking about.

And thus will they justify ripping off the taxpayers to pour money into Falmouth’s very own Big Dig.

The world is changing. Quite literally. The very ground on which people stand, the air they breathe, the fragile sphere of life in which they live is changing rapidly and desperately.

But the local politicos still think Falmouth is quaint and immune. People who live on high ground in big houses always think that way. It’s only the little people who pay taxes and drown.


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