Why McCain Won In New Hampshire

Before The Lion pollutes his three brain cells with commentary from the smart pundits out there in primary land, he wishes to offer his take on why John McCain, a singularly unattractive human being and candidate for the Republican nomination, won the New Hampshire primary.

The short answer? Willard ‘The Mitten’ Romney.

Romney is such a transparent phony that the voters were left with little choice than to vote for McCain, who would, and did in 2000, sell his family’s honor and integrity in an attempt to gain the Presidency. In fact, The Lion feels it would not be too far-fetched to opine that Romney did as well as he did because McCain is such an unattractive candidate.

After all, McCain supports Bush pretty much down the line on all the foulness Bush has crapped onto the country, and the world. All he promises is more of the same backward, flat-out stupid policies and actions. But he at least says what his policies will be and he sticks to saying them in public.

Romney stands for nothing but lust for power. He says he supports Bush’s policies but who knows? Today it’s this, tomorrow it’s that. The Lion supposes that’s what he means by change.

It is clear that Romney was a predatory capitalist back in the day. He bought up businesses, laid off thousands, and sold the businesses to put money in his pocket, money made from the suffering of the people he threw out into the street. And of course there was the incident of the twelve-hour torture of the dog. We might suppose that as President he will be equally cold-blooded.

So, of two unattractive Republican candidates, who does a Republican choose? Naturally the one who claims he’s being straight with them will get the nod over the clear phony. The Lion suggests that anyone whose strongest claim is that he is being straight and honest is most likely lying or covering up more than one bit of sleaze. The savings and loan scandal back when comes quickly to mind.

The Lion offers this prediction for the coming Republican primaries. Down South Huckabee will swamp McCain and Romney because he’s a religious freak whose coded message is that he will bring on an American theocracy in which Christians will reign supreme and can push their agenda of ignorance, stupidity, arrogance, and tyranny on the rest of the country. Huckabee’s probably smarter about retail politics than the rest of them put together, but he is, as are all the Republicans, bad news for democracy and freedom – the real democracy and freedom, not the secret decoder ring kind the fundogelicals dream about.

The Lion predicts Huckabee will win the nomination via the Bible Belt. That’s where the stupid people live, and they’ll go for his line, they’ll hook themselves up to him, and if he wins the election, they will sink the country into a morass of ignorance and backwardness, bigotry and hatred, and genuine Christian dominionist arrogance and blindness. The Dark Ages of religious dominion calls to these people night and day, and they respond to the call like a critically thirsty man crawling desperately toward a mirage of water. And Huckabee knows how to play the fake Messiah better than anyone in politics right now.


6 Responses

  1. Nice read and I’m a Rupublican btw. As far as “So, of two unattractive Republican candidates, who does a Republican choose?” goes I’d say in NH former MA moderates (read Independents) voted for McCain. Otherwise the GOP nod goes to Mitt.


  2. in2, you’re a Republican?! I had no idea! 🙂


  3. I don’t see either McCain or Romney being able to capture the nomination. Therefore, the dinosaur in third place is the only one with a realistic shot at it. We really need the Dems to win the next election by good margin.


  4. Well, I’m with you, Ric (and apparently chappy, too): I think Huckabee will win the Republican nomination. Unlike most other liberal-leaning bloggers, however, I don’t think that nomination would give the Dems a walk into the White House. I hope those arrogant assholes (the same ones who promised us how much things would change when they controlled Congress) don’t run yet another losing campaign in which the candidate keeps finding better and better ways to shoot him- or herself in the foot.


  5. The smart Dem candidate would hire Drew Westin and listen to him, instead of working with the same so-called strategists and consultants who have managed to lose election after election for the Dems. I believe Clinton is working with some of those losers, Penn being one of them.


  6. I agree with Exterminator, Huckabee may be a fruitcake, but he’s a dangerous fruitcake. He’s too much like Bush, who somehow managed to slip into office in two elections, for us liberals to disregard too casually. This election should be one the Dems could sleepwalk their way through and win. Unfortunately, the Dems greatest talent is their ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. This election is too important for us to allow them to do it again.


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