Iran Clashes With U. S. Navy And Wins The Battle

Let’s see what happened out there in the Tonkin… oops, sorry… the Persian Gulf.

Iran, or some faction thereof, sent five speedboats, from the looks of them, classic cigarette boats, out to toy with three major warships of the United States Navy.

George Bush and other fearmongering hawks of Republican and Conservative persuasions immediately insist to the world that the event constituted a major provocation and threat to the United States.

Does anyone in their right mind believe that five speedboats up against three American warships would have a) gotten close enough to do any harm, and b) would have lasted more than three seconds against the Navy’s weapons?

This was nonsense from the get go, nothing more than more of the same Bushcrap the country has been subjected to for seven years.

Whatever the Iranians had in mind, the incident wasn’t worth more than a page forty-seven mention in the daily newspaper. It’s a sad commentary on the Republican administration and on the news media that enables their fearmongering. And it’s a sad commentary on the United States military that they think we’re supposed to consider this incident to be any sort of threat.

The more Bush and his incompetent cronies trumpet this incident as a provocation, the stupider the United States looks, and the better Iran looks to its supporters.

Iran won this one going away.


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  1. And it’s a sad commentary on the United States military that they think we’re supposed to consider this incident to be any sort of threat.

    I won’t defend Bush but I have to add a possible dimension to the above quote. The military has to (and has) under varied administrations. I’m throwing this out there…Do you think perhaps the military is just being up front about something they may act on ? By they I mean the Navy aka “We don’t want another USS Cole incident”, as opposed to neo cons “We want another Tonkin incident”.I mean if this happened again and the USN took a boat out is it wrong ? Would it be best if they had a history of showing restraint ? Help me out if anyone is willing.


  2. Doh ! missed the word serve up there. Sorry


  3. in2 –

    The Navy wouldn’t be wrong if they fired on a boat that represented a legitimate threat. The lesson of the USS Cole had better have sunk in. The problem these days is that there is no branch of government that can be trusted or relied upon to tell the truth, and that includes the military. And because of how the government has operated under Bush, all military actions and decisions are fraught with political freight going in and coming out.

    Assume a worst case in the Gulf incident, that these boats had opened fire, presumably with minor weapons, given that the craft were nothing more than speedboats, and that the U.S. ships had returned fire and sunk one or more. The Navy action would have been correct (which would be true even if the Iranians had not fired but had headed directly for a U.S. ship and not veered aaway, given the Cole incident).

    The consequences, given Bush’s predilection to use any excuse to attack and kill anything in the Mideast and Southeast Asia that he neither likes nor understands, would be enormous. Gulf of Tonkin, writ large. An attack on Iran, without sense or intelligence. And at home, war propaganda, enabled and supported by the press, leading to more war hysteria and the likely election of a war Republican in the fall (unless the people have smartened up to these tactics).

    And all over what? A dumb decision by some Iranians to challenge three capital warships with speedboats. Instead of boats sunk, incident over, we’d have another war.

    And no fair leaving words out. I could hurt my brain trying to figure out what’s missing.


  4. Here’s a picture of those three boats trying to attack our ship. You can see them there to the left of the boat. Right there. Look closely, between the flames and the smoke.

    Oh, c’mon, are you blind?

    And don’t yes, from reading my blog.


  5. Spanqi-

    I can’t see very well. What flames? What smoke? What boat? I can barely see the screen. I have to wear patches on my eyes because they’re so strained from trying to read your blog.

    So there! Ha! You should be ashamed of making a presumed old fart suffer.


  6. And here comes the great unraveling – Common Dreams


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