Patriots v. Giants: A Prediction

Having been forced to watch hours of NFL football in order to accommodate an adolescent need to be there when the Patriots settle the undefeated season issue one way or the other, The Lion feels obligated to strike back by issuing his prediction for the Pats and Giants game Saturday.

Taking note that the Pats have barely managed to beat weak teams for a few weeks now, and looked terrible in the second half against the Dolphins yesterday, The Lion makes the following prediction, a prediction worthy of the deepest skills and talents of the Delphic Oracle.

The New York Giants will be giant killers in Saturday’s game against the Pats.

Chew on that, NFL!

10 Responses

  1. I’d like to see the Giants win this one. The Patriots are insufferably arrogant.


  2. Of course they’re arrogant, chappie. They’re gods!

    So say some anyway.


  3. Patriots by 10.


  4. Go Patriots.

    I have always cheered for two teams: Dad is from the DC area, so Go Redskins; Mom is from the Boston area, so Go Patriots.

    I cannot cheer for the Giants (unless they are playing the Cowboys (and I would cheer for the Raiders if they play the Cowboys))


  5. I’m always for the dog in these situations, so GO GIANTS!


  6. Uh, my prediction is Patriots by 14.


  7. The patriots are arrogant? Not so, they are confident. Its funny how things change, no one cared either way about the Pats when we were terrible back in the late 90’s, but now that we are winning people cant stop complaining, its all jealousy. Pats by 10


  8. Okay, so I missed by 11 points. Good game, though.


  9. We kept switching back and forth between the Penn State game and this one. They were both good. Both knuckle biters to the end.


  10. I’m happy to see my prediction was spot on.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t keep my eyes open and went to bed at halftime. Too bad the networks larded the game with so damn many commercials. Made it damn near unwatchable. Magnificent struggle between two good teams, cheapened by television executives.


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