New Energy Bill From Congress Saves The World! Rah, rah, rah…

Congress will shortly be sending a new energy bill to the putz in the White House.

The bill will increase oil consumption by cars and trucks to 10 million barrels a day in 2020, down from the projected 11 million barrels a day, and up from the current consumption of 9.25 million barrels a day.

The result [of the bill]: Automakers can still produce gas-thirsty vehicles to meet consumer demands, as long as they sell enough high-mileage cars. Now, 53 percent of all vehicles sold in the United States are trucks. “People will still be able to buy a gas-guzzling, big hulk of a vehicle,” said Dan Becker, an environmental lawyer and consultant.

Becker called the legislation “the singlest [sic] biggest step to cutting global warming and dependence on foreign oil,” but acknowledged more steps are needed.

Someone needs to push Danny boy up against a wall and scream into his face that if we don’t cut the use of fossil fuels, and by a huge percentage, we are not taking any steps to reducing climate change caused by the use of fossil fuels. Did you look at the numbers, Danny, you frigging idiot? The bill makes it okay to burn more oil than we’re burning today. Did you miss that part, Danny, you and the other numbskulls in DC?

Apparently the lawmakers and political apparatchiks in Washington, DC, haven’t gotten the memo that Washington is likely to be underwater by 2020 without major, worldwide cuts in fossil fuel use real soon now.

Those folks seem to think they can dick around with the laws of physics.

The Lion guarantees that the laws of physics don’t give a flying goddamn about humans. Or animals, who are far wiser in matters of planetary management than the politicians playing stupid human tricks with our lives.


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  1. What a crappy piece of legislation. What else is new. I’m trying to figure what distinguishes a Democratic-majority Congress from a Republican one. They look pretty much alike from where I’m sitting (about 12 miles west of DC).


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