Jamie Leigh Jones: One Day Of Fame, And Poof – Gone, Baby, Gone!

Jamie Leigh Jones was 20 years old when she was, she claims in a civil suit filed last May, gang raped in 2005 in Iraq by six Halliburton/KBR employees, and locked in shipping container for 24 hours, under guard, by the company.

image There was no investigation, despite her attempts to have authorities investigate. She filed a civil suit because the company and the military have done nothing.

Apparently it’s okay to rape and imprison female contractors, who have no recourse to justice under American law or occupation law in Iraq.

One can recoil in horror at what was done to her, and the complete failure of justice and law. One can even point out a clear line of responsibility to the White House, as Doug’s Darkworld has noted.

And one could note that Ms. Jones managed to get something less than a day in the news cycle before she disappeared from media consciousness. 

And finally one could feel incredibly disgusted, if not filthy in mind and heart, that still nothing is done, and that nothing is being done because the gang rape of Ms. Jones has become a political matter, to be hushed up lest it embarrass an ethically, morally, and legally depraved President, and a government which has been as silent as the inside of that shipping container in which the raped and brutalized Ms. Jones was imprisoned.

Not on this act alone, but on the totality of its political and moral and ethical depravity must the Bush administration be brought down. The government of the United States can no longer tolerate these foul and disgusting people. They commit treason with breakfast. Every breath George Bush takes in the White House sullies and fouls the Constitution and the law. He, and Cheney, and the rest of their crew, must be removed from office, and tried as the criminals they are.

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  1. I fear that justice will never be done in this case. The US justice is totally f**ked up right now and it’s going to take years, perhaps even decades, to fix it.


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