Hillary, Hillary… Same Old Crap Does Her In

The Lion believes it was predictable that Hillary Clinton would crash and burn.

Never mind all the nitpicky analysis by punditocrats peering at polls and pigeon guts.

She surrounded herself with the same old crew of strategists and advisers who have managed to lose elections for Democrats for the past few decades. But what about Bill, you say? The Lion says you might want to consider that Bill was forced to the right because the Democrats lost Congress because they didn’t know they had to fight for it.

So here’s Hillary trying to be all things to all Democrats with money, and ignoring the most passionate, and possibly the largest group of Democrats, the ones who want the war over and the Bush policies rescinded (hopefully across the board).

Hillary doesn’t stand for anything because she has refused to stand for anything unequivocally. The Lion can’t help but think she’s been bought and paid for, and that she won’t bring anything new to the country, but will instead just continue politics as usual on the right, instead of a genuine and constructive politics of the left, of the Democrats who still stand for the things that brought social programs that lifted the country out of the dark ages of corporate absolutism and piracy practiced against the working class.

She may still win, but frankly, The Lion would never trust her. She will always be too busy ‘triangulating’ to stand up and do the right thing. The Lion would vote for her in the general election in November 2008, but only because there would be nothing better available. But if the Democrats want to crush the Republicans then and reclaim the country for honest and decent people, the Democrats are going to have to do better than Hillary Clinton.

10 Responses

  1. Ric, you wrote: But if the Democrats want to crush the Republicans then and reclaim the country for honest and decent people …

    Where’d you get that idea? The Democrats really want to crush the Republican crooks so they can reclaim the country for the Democratic ones. Duh.


  2. Ex – I know you’re a smart guy, intelligent even, so you must be familiar with Albert Einstein and the theory of relativity. The theory clearly states that relative to Republicans, the Democrats are squeaky clean and honest. Really, Ex, you’ve got to keep up with the twenty-first century!


  3. Exterminator:

    Given some of our past political exchanges, you may be surprised that, in general, I share much of your distrust of mainstream politicians regardless of the colors they wear. Unfortunately, the brutal reality is that, in the USA, we are only going to get two flavors of viable candidates for the foreseeable future. Another reality is that the differences between those two flavors often appear to be as remarkable as the differences between plain Vanilla and French vanilla.

    Nevertheless, I strongly believe that we’ve got to shatter the Republican party at all levels of government. Of course it’s true that many Democrats are power-hungry, selfish twits. That’s to be expected; they are, after all, politicians. But, on the whole and at the moment, they are far less dangerous than the far-right idiots that currently control the Republicans. Those people truly terrify me. So, yeah, I’ll be voting for whoever the Dems nominate because I believe that all of them are superior choices to all of the Republicans in the field. Sometimes, one must hold one’s nose and choose the lesser of two evils. This, in my view, is one of those times.


  4. Hilary Clinton isn’t popular, so she’d have to run a negative campaign – and she’s a woman.

    Obama Barack is a black card carrying members of the Nation of Islam (I know he isn’t but that what Fox will insinuate).

    Edwards is the third runner in the democrat poll but the most likely candidate to win the presidency for them.

    If Hilary is elected president, her Secretary of State will be Prof. James Rubin – he’s an expert in geo-politics and diplomacy whereas Powell or Rice are amateurs. So she’ll be better advised but weather she takes than advice or not…


  5. I can only hope you are wrong, Ric, and that Hillary becomes a pleasant surprise to both of us after she does whatever sleazy thing she does, to get elected. Like you said to Ex, even she is squeaky clean compared to her Republican counterparts. Look, she was born and raised in the politics of the left. Maybe when she gets this “woman getting elected” thing behind her, she can return to those roots. We can hope.

    @ Steph – I think of the top 3 candidates Edwards is by far the most electable. But since any of the 3 are capable of pulling off the win this time around I would prefer to see Obama as the nominee. I think he is the most likely to actually initiate and fight for the changes that need to happen ASAP.


  6. Everybody:

    “Electability” is a bogus issue, invented by the right-wing with the collusion of the media. Haven’t you noticed that for a Republican to be deemed “electable,” he or she needs to satisfy the extreme right-wing of the party, but for a Democrat to be deemed electable, he or she also has to satisfy the right-wing of the party? So who satisfies the left-wing of either party (not that there’s much of a Republican left-wing around, unless you want to count Bloomberg)? And, more to the point, (not being a winger myself), who satisfies the people who still believe that we’re a nation ruled by a Constitution?

    Using the electability criterion, Democrats ran the wooden Al Gore in 2000 — who, regardless of whatever hankie-pankie went on, couldn’t even carry his own goddamn state; if he had, Florida wouldn’t have been an issue. In 2004, Democrats nominated the really unelectable John Kerry, who was about as appealing as a heart attack.

    Fuck electability. Why can’t we just try to get the best person nominated?


  7. @ Exterminator

    I agree with you that electability often means whether a candidate has backing from the oligarchies but that’s the reality of American politics, you don’t have a Democratic system if you did you’re president would be elected on the popular vote.


  8. @ John Evo

    I agree he’s the best of a bad bunch with any prospect of winning but can a black man really win the US presidential election?

    In most of Europe, including the UK, there would be absolutely no chance.


  9. Steph:

    It’s no secret that our electoral system is not purely democratic. I’m not a big supporter of pure democracy, though — I’ve never admired the collective intelligence of mobs.

    I’m a big admirer of the Constitution, though, which explicitly states that the president must take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. I think the candidates should be asked hard questions beforehand about whether they intend to do that.


  10. Ex –

    They’d just lie about it, or say yes because it’s expected, and then take the oath and break it. Without an independent Congress with strong opposition and an independent judiciary, the oath becomes irrelevant. Witness George Bush. Justice Alito. Justice Roberts. The two justices said they would respect precedent, and then they set about tearing down the house. I think the Republicans have shown their complete moral, ethical and legal bankruptcy, and that they cannot be trusted. I wouldn’t trust them as far as my ninety year old mother could throw Dennis Hastert.

    As for the E College, I would guess there might be some validity to it under a two party system, but it’s clumsy and ugly and as 2000 and 2004 showed, leads to deceit, fraud, and manipulation of the vote. Under an honest government it might be okay, but we may well have seen the last of relatively honest government. I think direct election would be a good idea if and only if we had multiple viable parties, meaning four or five or six.


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