Once More Quickies Again

Willard Romney does illegals… again

Last week, the day after Willard ‘The Mitten’ Romney delivered another tongue lashing against illegal immigrants, and almost a year after he had been told that those terrible, evil immigrants were regularly cutting his lawn and bagging his leaves at his mansion in Massachusetts, two more showed up for their regular stint taking care of his lawn.

According to the Globe today, in a front page story, those dastardly illegals have been working for him all along. Last night the pompous ass (that would be Willard) said he had told the owner of the company, a citizen, to take care of the matter a year ago.

“The company’s failure to comply with the law is disappointing and inexcusable, and I believe it is important that I take this action,” Romney said.

Only people who are full of themselves talk that way.

In any event, aforesaid citizen owner of the landscape company says the conversation never happened.

Of course none of this will stop Willard from continuing to crucify the immigrants doing the work as he seeks to pander for votes from anybody fool enough to believe he’s an honest, decent man of integrity, instead of being something closer to his namesake.

(Whaddya mean you don’t remember Willard? 1971 and 2003? The rat boy? What’s this country coming to, can’t remember it’s cultural high points??)

Giuliani: I am not a sleazeball…

Little Rudy has stepped down from his role as head of his consulting firm, according to the Globe’s Campaign Notebook today. He still hasn’t said who the clients were or what he did there.

The NY Times has identified one client as Qatar, the little Persian Gulf country that apparently gave shelter to a fellow identified as the 9/11 mastermind. They’re our buddies now.

Anyway, Little Rudy said on November 5 ‘Everything I did at Giuliani Partners was totally legal, totally ethical…. There’s nothing for me to explain about. We acted honorably, decently.”

This from the guy who hired Bernard Kerik and plays with other shady characters and brags about the ‘intensive interrogation’ he supposedly performed on mobsters, associating his actions with torture to make sure voters get the message that he’ll torture people. This from the guy who has been caught repeatedly in lies and distortions about his record. This from the guy who shamelessly uses 9/11 to advance his political career. This from the guy who couldn’t be bothered to fulfill his obligations to the 9/11 committee – he never showed up – he had other priorities.

So, Rudy, why should any self-respecting reporter believe anything you say? Why should anyone?

George Bush: I don’t care, I’m gonna bomb Iran anyway…

Gotta love the Little Psychopath’s sense of obsession.

The entire United States intelligence apparatus tells him Iran doesn’t have a bomb, isn’t anywhere near getting one, and hasn’t worked on the technology for four years, and he gets up and delivers the same idiotic message about the evil Iranians.

And of course let’s not mention that he’s known about this for some time, apparently at least since June, and nonetheless gone on slamming Iran as if he’d never been told.

They might get a bomb someday, he tells us. They might get the knowledge of a bomb, he tells us (it’s in the library and on the internet, George). They might think about a bomb, he tells us. So we should demonize them and hurt them and how about we bomb them back into the Bronze Age? (Stone Age is such a cliche, and Georgie wouldn’t know the difference anyway.)

Does anyone outside the Republican Party not think the little bastard is crazy as a loon and an increasingly huge danger to this country? Aside from the gutless Democrats who refuse to begin even an investigation into impeaching the pathetic little sot?

We need to send a Delta team into the White House to perform an extraction. Somebody’s got to get Boy Emperor George and Daddy Dick into padded rooms real soon now.


5 Responses

  1. Rudy Giuliani may be what Michael Corleone would have become if he hadn’t been compelled to avenge his father by killing McCloskey & Solozzo. I can’t believe that Rudy is a) still considered a viable presidential candidate, b) running in the Holier-Than-Thou Party, and c) not in jail.


  2. Hell, half the guys running in the Republican primary should probably be in jail or in a rubber room. Considering that their best guy right now is Huckabee, and he’s a Bible thumper who believes the creation science crap, the country would be in a shitload of trouble if any of them get elected.


  3. The entire Republican field of candidates makes me ill. All of the Democrats look better than any of the Repubs. I just hope the Dems don’t throw away this election like they did in ’04. That one was theirs to lose, and by golly, they went and did it!


  4. I honestly think it will be a landslide year for the Dems. Naturally, many things can happen in 11 months and I’m only speculating based on where we are over the past 3 years and up to the moment. The key is for Dems (rank and file) to get many quality leaders running via the primary process. If they come up with the same cast of characters they did last year, we’re in deep doo-doo. It’s going to take tremendous leadership to turn this mess around – not just electing “any old Democrat”. That said, I still agree with Chaplain that “any old Democrat” looks better than “every rotten Republican”.


  5. I’m looking forward to your comments on Romney’s speech on religion yesterday, Ric. I know that you’ll have something very insightful to pass on, given your past endorsements (in a manner of speaking) of the man. I suspect you’re probably writing something right now.

    I’ll wait….


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