It’s All In What He Didn’t Say…

In today’s Providence Journal, Nadav Tamir, identified as the consul general of Israel to New England, writes about the Annapolis meeting and blithers and blathers on about this, that, and the other.

He leads with

Sixty years ago, on Nov. 29, 1948, the United Nations resolved to establish two homelands, one for the Jewish people and one for the Palestinian people.

Interesting. No mention that what happened was that the United Nations took the homeland of the Palestinians and gave it to the Jewish survivors from Europe.

From our Holocaust to your Holocaust. Or ethnic cleansing.

The UN did not establish two homelands. It ripped one people asunder from their homeland and handed it to another. No one consulted the Palestinians about it. No one asked them if they agreed or disagreed. No one included them in the discussions. Just ‘Get the hell out of here. We’re giving your land and homes to the Jews.’

Nowhere in Tamir’s column does he mention that. Not even a feeble attempt to address it. Nothing. Just ignore it and it will go away, eh, Nadav?

You don’t want anyone to forget your Holocaust, but neither do you want anyone to remember the Palestinian Holocaust. You know, the one that continues to this minute, the one operated and maintained by Israel.

And yet you whine and complain when they fight you and curse you and kill you. But you herd them into camps and continue to take their land and throw them into prisons and blame them for all the problems in the Mideast.

You wonder why Israel is so hated by so many, but you close your eyes and ears to the answer, and shoot off your mouth to distract from the reality.

Israel was born in theft and in a crime against humanity. The theft is done. The crime continues. Enjoy the fruits of it.

It’s just too goddamn bad you had to drag America into the sickness. And that so many Americans are stupid enough, blind enough, deaf enough, to go along.

(For those who consider this an anti-Jewish rant, know that I would say exactly the same thing if the Israelis were Catholics, Baptists, Buddhists, Hindi, or Quakers. Save your breath. You’re wrong if you play that card and I don’t give a damn what you think on that score.)

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