Giuliani Dodges And Weaves. Press Fails To Ask The Question.

The Lion rises from his sickbed in wonderment at the latest Giuliani flap and the clever way the press fails to ask Mr. G the pertinent question.

What we have so far is that while Mr. G was mayor, and while he was married to Donna Hanover and living with her, he had several extramarital trysts with Judith Nathan, whom he ultimately married after dumping Hanover. None of that is in question.

Lately, thanks to some digging by the people at Politico, we know that the money that paid for the NYPD security details and the drivers and whatever other expenses Mr. G’s tryst trips to the Hamptons incurred were fobbed off on obscure city agencies few people ever heard of. Details are in the Globe today.

Mr. G claims such fobbing was common practice and perfectly normal and legal, despite the fact that it apparently wasn’t done before and hasn’t been done since and apparently was only done to cover his sweaty liaisons with Ms. Nathan.

The press, in its infinite wisdom has focused on the fobbing of funds, but in its usual failure to get to the core of the matter in its usual attempt to avoid offending the politically powerful, has failed to ask the key question.

The Lion asks why no one has stood up in one of Mr. G’s press conferences, or debates and asked “Mr. Giuliani, while you were engaged in adultery with Ms. Nathan, did you ever consider it unethical, or even possibly illegal, to be charging taxpayers for the costs of your trips to tryst with her? Did you ever consider repaying the taxpayers of New York? And why not? And did you actually consider it a prerogative of the Office of the Mayor of New York City that the taxpayers should pay for the mayor’s adulterous affair? “

That’s the real matter. The Mayor got his rocks off in an adulterous affair, which is not abnormal for the clowns in politics. But he did it at taxpayer expense. To The Lion that sounds like adultery compounded by theft and corruption, and considerably more than a little arrogance, something with which Mr. G is intimately familiar.


4 Responses

  1. I don’t understand the psychology of Republicans. They ranted and railed about Bill Clinton and his women. But what they seem to want is Bill Clinton on steroids in Giuliani.


  2. It’s simple, really. They’re only happy when their leader is screwing the entire country.


  3. Giulani scares the crap out of me. If he’s elected, I’ll be moving to Canada quickly.


  4. If Giuliani is elected the government is likely to start shooting people trying to cross the border to Canada.

    [Okay, maybe that’s the fever speaking, but I agree that nothing good can come from giving Mr. G the keys to the car.]


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